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Cynthia Morgan has made a name for herself in the music industry thanks to her hit song “German Juice” which landed her the Headies Award for Best Reggae/Dancehall Single in 2014. The Afro-pop entertainer has amassed a legion of fans since she hit the limelight and she has not yet hit the stardom many expect from her. Here are five facts about Cynthia Morgan you probably didn’t know. Like the fact that Cynthia Morgan said she used to be a tomboy.

Most Cynthia fans will know this but people just discovering the delightful Cynthia Morgan might not. She used to be a tomboy. She grew up dressing like a boy until her manager Jude Okoye created the unique Cynthia Morgan sexy look. Bad boy, you might say but he is not just a talent discoverer, he also unearths flesh and beauty.

Now, looking at Cynthia, it is near impossible to envision the damsel as a tomboy. The imagination is a strong force but even imagination will struggle to form the image of Cynthia the tomboy. She now considers her breasts to be her sexiest part of her brand.

One thing that is not unobvious to millions is the fact that a singer is a glamourous act. She says her breast is her most sexy part. And she displays them with generosity. She once allowed the presenter of the web series Da Chat with Zinna to feel her breasts just to prove that they are real. Here are a few facts for you.

Cynthia said she started writing songs at the age of 7

Born on the 23rd of September, 1991 in Benin City, Edo State in a Jehovah’s Witness home, Cynthia ended up in the extreme opposite of what her church might have envisioned for her. Cynthia started quite early, at seven when many were still trying to grapple with States and Capital and nursery rhymes, Cynthia said she was already composing songs. Before this, aged three, she is said to be a backup for her mother’s musical band. She went ahead to release her first single in 2008, aged 17, “Duty Stepping” which she featured the dancehall sensation General Pype.

Her Big Break came in 2013

Cynthia Morgan recorded her first song in 2008 but it took her a couple of years to go mainstream. This happened when she was discovered by Jude Engees, Psquare’s elder brother and the duo erstwhile manager. She was signed to Jude’s Northside Entertainment Inc and in the same year, she released her two hit songs “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On”.

The two tracks injected a fresh verve in the Nigerian Afro-pop culture and it was a banger in popular nightclubs, they both topped musical charts for weeks. She went on to release the single “I’m taken” which landed her many awards in 2014/2015.

Cynthia Morgan once had issues with poverty and depression

2018 has not been all rosy for Cynthia Morgan as the artiste was caught up in a whirlwind of personal issues. She was alleged to have been unable to pay the rent for her apartment in Omole. She was dragged to court to answer for this and papers have emerged online to confirm this. The rent, 1.3 million naira, is not quite a fortune for an artiste who once boasted of having 12 million naira wristwatch in her wardrobe.

Besides this, Cynthia is also in trouble with the Lagos State government for tax evasion. As the papers revealed she owed more than 3.5 million in tax. This might all be false, of course. It is unlikely the news is false as Cynthia hasn’t come out to deny them and she has been missing in the studio and on social media, and largely unseen in public.

Nancy Isime full facts

In May 2020, in an Instagram live interview with “Upfront With Sandra”,  Cynthia said she has suffered poverty and depression, alleging that her erstwhile manager Jude Okoye, elder brother of defunct duo Psquare, broke her career and took over her Instagram and VEVO accounts and has also stopped her from using the stage name Cynthia Morgan.

In his response, Jude Okoye tweeted a series of posts defending himself, part of which read: “Sad you rejected the contract I gave you. Just because they made you see me like the bad egg. I pray you understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up.” As for the name Cynthia Morgan, Mr. Okoye said he couldn’t take that away from her as it was a name her parents gave her.

A Gofundme account has been started by “Upfront With Sandra” to fund her career back. They tweeted that Morgan has “remained the undisputed queen of dance hall in Nigeria and we need her back.”

Other celebrities offered to help including Davido who offered a collaboration with Morgan. “Tell Cynthia I got an anthem for her ….. I’ll record my verse now,” Davido tweeted. There are also whispers that Davido intends to sign her up in his music label.

Cynthia  Morgan, you should know, has not always been subdued and sad; she could be carefree and mischievous. You might recall, however, when she said during an interview that she will never date a broke dude. In her own words. “He has to be rich and presentable.” This is not an unusual position. No one wants to marry a broke man although many try not to be very vocal about this fact. Cynthia seems to want Morgan.

Cynthia Morgan is not the first celebrity to have a crush on another celebrity. But, despite being linked with Burna Boy, Cynthia Morgan has admitted that she had always had a crush on Davido. Well, just a crush it might seem and that it looks nearly certain to remain forever for there is a tanker between Cynthia and the 30 billion Boss. The tanker is a certain chef who Davido gave an assurance of a 45 million naira car and made a song for her and who has now borne him a child.

Cynthia once posted a photo as though the two are posed to kiss and tagged it “My worst distraction”. Another rich and successful artiste you will say. There is also an image of her trying to steal kiss from Adesua Etomi‘s husband. Another unrequited love story for her, you can also say.

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