Cossy Orjiakor: Five Facts About The Endowed Star

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Some are you born beautiful, some are shapely, some are gifted with a good voice or the skills of acting or dancing, and some yet have bust thrust upon them. For Cossy Orjiakor, she has the gift of three average women put together and it’s all on her chest. Boobs don’t lie and this fact screams true for the “Queen of the headlights” as the actress is suggestively dubbed.

What lies between Cossy’s twin towers? Cleavage. No, that’s taking the question too literally; the question ought to be, what lies behind her tremendous offering? Flesh. Well, no; to make it crystal plain, what else is to Cossy Orjiakor besides her unnaturally natural endowment? A lot which ought to be obvious but this is a fact many will gladly remain oblivious to. Here, we offer you five facts you need to know about the diva.

Cossy Orjiakor is well-educated

While Cossy Orjiakor’s chest might present her as one with more endowment than sense, the reality leans towards the opposite since Cossy can even pass for an intellectual. She studied accounting and management at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka before proceeding to the University of Lagos where she earned her master’s.

From her interviews and some of the things she posts on her social media accounts, there are enough sense to pinpoint the fact that her education is not wasted on her.

Her bosom is one of her sources of income.

Cossy Orjiakor is an actress, a musician with a full album, a movie producer (she owns Playgirl Pictures) and a video vixen. These are well-known. She also earns money with her boobs, this is not well-known and attracts the question, how does she do it? Guess. No, she doesn’t act porn. She is no wet nurse. She is paid for appearing on occasions as a guest. Formally, she is paid for her presence which fires up events but she carries more than one presence and the main powerpoint is in the pretty queens she so generously flashes to the calls of “Cossy, give me a hug”; so technically, she gets paid for her busty possession.

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You can’t complain, the boobs are said to be insured for a whopping 1.6 million dollars. Do the naira calculation and your head might swim a little.

Cossy Orjiakor is politically woke

While Cossy Orjiakor had rooted for the Goodluck ticket in 2011, her support for Goodluck Jonathan began to wane during the fuel subsidies removal crisis of January 2012. By 2015 she was totally indifferent to him, saying in a post, on social media, that Buhari is cuter than Jonathan. While her support for Buhari was covert at most, she came out in September 2016 in the heat of the arrest of the fellow who named his dog  Buhari to post pictures of her cats which she claimed she named after Buhari and Jonathan, daring the police to arrest her.

Detractors will say she was just courting attention but there’s no denying the political statement and import behind her post.

She has morals

For those, not just married women (who can blame them for judging her?), who see Cossy as a woman of loose morals, how dare she displays so much booty flesh in one outfit! (or half-outfit as in most instances); they will be surprised to be surprised that Cossy Orjiakor’s moral parameter is not as low as they might have thought. And for those who salivate to see the so-called “boob star” complete nude, they should save their energy, Cossy has ruled out ever going totally nude, saying that her morals wouldn’t let he venture so offshore.

Cossy Orjiakor is searching

Cossy Orjiakor is willing and ready to settle down into her matrimonial home. In fact, it is long overdue, her marriage. She began making conjugal noises in 2015 by mentioning the kind of man she would like to have for a husband. She said he must have a banging body (predictably so) and must be richer than her by far (not an eyebrow-raising one). In 2016, Ms. Orjiakor opened the year gushing about her desire to get married, claiming she is worried that she was not yet a mother which she claims outweighs her desire for marriage. Two years after this, Cossy is neither married nor a mother.

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