Cory Gruter-Andrew – Who, How, When, And Everything About The Actor

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Cory Gruter-Andrew

Cory Gruter-Andrew is a Canadian TV actor who became a familiar face after acting in the film “Summer of 84” a Canadian horror movie at a young age making one of those young ones making their way up in the film industry. Here is everything we know about him.

Who is Cory Gruter Andrew and how old is he?

Cory Gruter is a Canadian entertainer born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the 1st September 2001 to Canadian parents.

He is 20 years old.

When did Cory Gruter start acting?

At 13 years old, Cory Gruter began working in this acting industry however his age didn’t stop him from moving forward, In 2014, Cory Gruter stepped into this TV industry and got the chance to portray a role in Fargo which helped to pave the road for his success.

Cory Gruter also had the opportunity to depict repeating characters in the well-known TV series “The 100” and in 2016, he got the proposal to act in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow where he played the role of a visitor star. In the wake of getting popularity and achievement, Cory had landed numerous brands and organizations for himself.

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In 2018, Cory Gruter-Andrew also starred in Netflix’s original TV series named Anne with an E, and his acting in the series got him many acknowledge for his playing his role with enthusiasm. He was also among the cast of the Canadian horror movie “Summer of 84” and also “My Sweet Audrina” a TV Film, where he acted as Teen Arden Lowe

How much does Cory earn from acting and his net worth?

Mostly appearing in TV series, Cory is said to earn about $10K to $12K Per Episode of a series and is estimated to be worth about six figures dollars, well that pretty much something for a young man like him

Not getting carried away with the fame of being an actor, Cory has been able to maintain the educational part of his life with the acting part

When it comes to physical attributes the Canadian actor stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches with a slim fit body statue.

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