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Coby Ryan McLaughlin is an  actor who rose to stardom for his work in the 2008 television series Two and a Half Men. He also gained acclaim for his role in one of the most-watched series General Hospital. He is also credited for his work in You Again and Castle.

Where was Coby Ryan born and how old is he?

Coby Ryan McLaughlin was born in Woodland hills, California, on 17th day of May 1976. Ryan celebrated his 45th birthday this year.

Coby Ryan’s Personal Life

Ryan attended Downingtown Senior High School, he also bagged a degree from Pennsylvania State University. McLaughlin currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his family.

Coby Ryan the General Hospital star

During the festive period of 2018, McLaughlin’s career reached a new level of stardom when he joined the cast of one of the highly-rated TV series “General Hospital” in the mysterious role of Hank, a man from Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) mysterious past. His character Hank was eventually revealed to also be a cult leader named “Shiloh” in early 2019.

At an early age, Ryan was so interested in the film industry and decided to pursue his dream, he landed his first role as the character of a Young agent in the television show “X-files”.

In 2003, Coby Ryan get to play the role of Det. Carl McBride in the film Lost Treasure an action film the film was about a treasure hunt on a tropical island that involves a treasure supposedly hidden by Columbus where the map that leads to the treasure was split into two halves, so that one would need both pieces to find it.

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In 2010, Coby Ryan appeared in the film “You Again” a comedy film produced by John J. Strauss and Eric Tannenbaum and directed by Andy Fickman. Also that year Coby Ryan made a guest starred appearance in the series Hawaii Five-0 a action police procedural television series that centers around a special police major crimes task force operating at the behest of the governor of Hawaii, was aired on CBS.

In 2013, he played the character Mike Holland in the film “Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer” a mystery drama thriller where an assistant district attorney works with a detective to catch a serial killer who uses traps to lure his victims.

In 2016, Coby joined the cast of the film “Heritage Falls” a comedy-drama film where he started alongside David Keith. In the movie he played a role Charles ‘Evan’ Fitzpatrick Jr.

In 2017, McLaughlin was among the cast of the Christian film “Mountain Top” where he played the character of Mike Andrews. Coby Ryan is also credited for his work in TV like Parenthood (2014), The McCarthys (2015), NCIS (2017) and others. McLaughlin also had appearance on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, playing the role of Andrew Lynford back in 2018.

Is Coby Ryan McLaughlin married?

When it comes to relationship, the sweet part of it is finding your sweet partner and someone who understands each other, guess Coby found that  along the line, Ryan is in a serious and strong relationship with his partner Melsitz, which leads to both getting married couple of years back and they had a daughter, although he didn’t get to post most of his family and personal life on social media.

How much is McLaughlin worth?

Coby Ryan McLaughlin has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand although that’s below pace of some actors who have been around be over two decades, he will be looking to add more seven or eight figures to it.

Do you know?

Coby Ryan McLaughlin once had a music career and was singer in the band “The Cowboy Killers”.




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