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Life sometimes plays out like a funny movie with a hint of cruelty. You grow up bright with a brood of uncles, aunties, elder siblings, all, rubbing your head and calling you a smart one. The future is scorchingly bright, the future is in your pocket. Decades later, you are just scrapping through life, then some youngish editor would make you write about a teenager who was a toddler when you wrote your first love letter but who, unlike you, is living a bright future. Clara Amoateng Benson will be twenty years in the middle of August 2020 and here are five things you need to know about her.

Clara Amoateng Benson – Roots and education

Clara Amoateng Benson was born on August 19, 2000. Her parents’ name are given as Rose Benson and Opanyin Kwabena Nyame. She was born in Kumasi in the Ashante region of Ghana where she grew up, did her schooling, and began and expanded her acting career. In 2017, she completed her high school education at Serwaa Nyarko Girls’ Senior High School.

Clara has now moved to Ghana but insists she is still a Kumawood actor. Kumawood is a sub-section of the Ghanaian movie industry which is also known as Ghollywood or Nollywood West and they maintain a rivalry with the industry largely based in the capital, Accra.

Clara is aware of this and allays the fears of her fans in Kumasi. “Nothing has changed about me,” she said. “I still get Kumawood scripts and act like I used to. I am someone who appreciates my roots and will not forget the people who helped me get to where I am today.”

In 2018, Clara was awarded a four-year all-expense paid scholarship to study at KNUSTFord University based in East Legon, Accra. “It’s not just an honor but a joyful one to be among students of the KNUSTFord University.

Clara Amoateng Benson’s Career and choices

Clara began acting at the age of 6. She has now scores of acting credits to her name. The list of her shows are like the cast list at the end of a show – you leave before the end.

As she grew and a number of blogs began to include her in their lists of local stars with big bobs, many began to suspect that Clara also known as Maame Serwaa would soon start taking up romantic roles and entangle herself in erotic roles that have, somewhat, become cultural in the Ghanaian movie industry.

“I can handle fame,” she assured her fans, “and I have been handling it since my career began as a child so there is no way I will do something that will bring shame to the people around me. I don’t drink nor smoke, I am not someone who likes to go clubbing and all that.” She added, “I don’t accept kissing roles in movies,” insisting that no amount of money would make her compromise this position.

Facts about Yvonne Nelson baby daddy and all

Clara is a member of the Assemblies of God and many might be quick to point to her Christian faith as to why she was bent on not bending. Clara Amoateng Benson attributes her stance to “The people I work with” who run her life and her late mom who “taught me a lot of things about life.”

There are also rumours that she was in a romantic relationship with actor Bill Asamoah. She denied this, claiming she was living a chaste life. “If not for anything at all, for the love I have for my late mother, I need to live right so that I can make her proud.” And living right for her includes not sleeping with any man she wasn’t yet married to. It doesn’t seem to cover revealing booby images of herself.

On the aspect of marriage, Clara has pointed out she was willing to marry a Muslim and convert to Islam if she finds her soulmate in that fold.

She has had to push back against vile rumours

Clara lost her mom in December 2017. Death of anyone is painful. The death of a mother is crushing most especially when you are young and your mother is in the peak of adulthood. Clara was 17 at that time and her mother was 48. While they mourned, a woman named Osofo Maame Donkor and claiming to be a prophetess the kind who see the hidden truths of life, went to Youtube to post a video where she claimed that Clara actually killed her mother in order to gain higher grounds in her career.

The demise of Clara’s mom was fresh and the family was in the first week of their mourning. Ritual killings are real in Africa and a lot of wealthy and successful people are explained away as a result of secret alliances with powerful evil forces. In April 2018, Clara came out to deny this. “I have heard that I killed my mother,” she said; “but it is never true. Kill my mum for what?”

Clara pointed out that her people wanted to take legal action but that she spoke them out of it.

This accusation is not the only crazy allegation to be attached to Clara’s name. A certain pastor also claimed that she was a member of the Illuminati whatever that means/meant.

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