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Christopher Masterson

Christopher Masterson is from a family of actors. His brother, Danny Masterson, his half-brother Jordan Masterson, and half-sister Alanna Masterson are all actors. If you run into a Masterson in Hollywood, the odds are high that he or she is a relation of Christopher. What else is there to know about Christopher Masterson? Not a lot, just a few of these below.

Early life and family

Not a lot is known about Christopher Masterson’s early. He was born in Long Island, New York City in January 1980, that we know. We are also aware that his father, Peter Masterson was an insurance agent and his mother, Carol Masterson, a manager. Christopher Masterson attended Vincennes Beauty College.

Besides his brother and half-siblings mentioned above who are also in the movie industry, Christopher has another half-brother Will Masterson. This later sibling is from his father’s side while the other two his mother’s.

Christopher Masterson: Movies and career

Christopher began his career in 1988 aged 8. He was part of the cast in some obscure movie by the name “Hiroshima Maiden” and they almost deserved the name. The boy waited four years before he made his real debut in the romantic comedy movie “Singles”.

Christopher had to wait for eight years before he reached the peak of his career. He featured in the award-winning TV show on Fox “Malcolm in the Middle”. The show ran for six years and seven seasons of 151 episodes with Christopher featuring in 118 episodes.

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After “Malcolm in the Middle”, Christopher Masterson struggled to get big roles in movies. He was considered for a role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” but he didn’t make it. His career wouldn’t have remained the same if he had played the role of Will Turner. Well, it is what it is.

Masterson’s career might not be where he wants it to be but that is not all that he does. He is a disc jockey and while this looks like a small profession the likes of Calvin Harris and DJ Tiesto are worth more than a hundred million dollars. We are not saying that Masterson is heading towards 9 figures, we just mentioned this so that you can add some respect for his second calling.

Christopher Masterson personal life

Christopher is not married. This is unusual. He will be 40 in January 2020. By 40, many of his colleagues have already negotiated two divorces and paying five figures on child support. Not Christopher who perhaps is working to not slide into the 5 figures bracket.

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While he has not always been linked with women, it has not been a long life of loneliness for the DJ. He was involved with Laura Prepon, the actress, director, and author. She is most known for the Netflix comedy series “Orange Is the New Black”. The two were involved with each other between 1999 and 2006. Christopher has seen moved on. She got married to Ben Forster in 2018. She is the mother of one child.

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