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Chris Sarandon

Chris Sarandon is an actor. He no longer acts but saying he was an American actor doesn’t sound well for a career that had surpassed the half-century mark. At his peak, he co-starred with the best in Hollywood and played iconic characters including that of a certain man called Jesus of Narazeth. He has also had a full life outside the screen. Here is all the information there is to be known on the voice artist.

Age and heritage

Chris Sarandon was born to a restaurant owner called Chris Sarandon and his wife Cliffie. Actually, Chris was born to Christopher Sarondonethe a Turkey-born Greek national who has since moved to the United States and have become a citizen and Americanized his name to Chris Sarandon a name he must have loved so much that he gave it to his son.

Chris Jr.’s mother also has Greek ancestry. Sarandon was born in Beckley, West Virginia in July 1942. He grew up and had all his education up to university in his home state, owning leaving the state for his second degree at the Catholic University of America.

Chris Sarandon is seventy-five years old.

Chris Sarandon – family and wives

Chris Sarandon is a family man. His journey into the matrimonial space began in 1967 when he got married to Susan Tomalin whom you know with her stage name of Susan Sarandon. She is a big star with numerous nominations and a number of awards including an Oscar which she won for a supporting role in the film “Dead Man Walking” in 1995.

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The marriage between Chris and Susan lasted for 12 years. After the two divorced in 1979, Susan chose to and kept his surname perhaps in honor of the role he played in making her a star. She never wanted to be an actress. She just followed Chris to an audition and the filmmakers saw her, fell in love with the redhead and put her in their film.

Susan did not remarry but she has well-publicized relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry including the Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri for whom she bore a daughter, Eva Amurri.

On his part, Chris Sarandon remarried. His second wife is a model called Lisa Ann Cooper. The two got married in 1980, gave birth to three kids, separated and finally divorced in 1989. Their last kid is Alexis Sarandon who is an actress, known for the 2008 movie “Catching The Fever”.

Chris’ third and current marriage was in 1994. He married the Canadian Actress Joanne Gleason. Joanne was married twice previously including to the acting coach Paul G. Gleason whose surname, like Susan Sarandon, she kept.  Man and wife live in a rambling vintage home in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Chris Sarandon – career

Chris Sarandon made his debut in 1965, appearing in a stage play. Sarandon has remained a strong player on stage making multiple Shakespearean and other classical appearances on Broadway and in Canada. He won a Tony award for his stage brilliance in 1996. He went on to say “Being on stage is a seductive lifestyle.”

Sarandon first screen appearance didn’t come until he moved to New York City in 1968 where he featured in “Guiding Light” on CBS and which holds the record as the longest TV drama in American history, being on TV from 1952 till 2009 – and this is not counting the fact that the show had been on radion since 1933.

In 1980, he played Jesus of Narazeth in “The Day Christ Died” a TV movie on CBS. That same year, he was in a TV adaptation of “A Tales of Two Cities” then in “Protocol” the 1984 movie he co-starred with the sensation of the era Goldie Hawn.

There are also cartoons in the midst. He voiced the lead character in Disney’s animated “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in 1993. He also voiced Dracula in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for a few episodes on Nickelodeon. Plus a couple of video games more than you can count on the fingers of one hand. He was in the horror “Fright Night” for which he earned a Saturn Awards nomination.

Chris Sarandon’s net worth

Chris Sarandon has made money in the career path he chose. He is one of the actors to advise you not to come to Los Angeles as a shortcut to fame and fortune – two things he has. He is worth 5 million dollars. In related info, Chris Sarandon’s ex-wife whom he helped start a career in Hollywood is ten times richer than he is; she is worth a staggering sum of 50 million dollars.

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