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Chris Parnell is an actor, voice artist, and comedian. He has been in the industry for more than thirty years now in a career that is dominated largely by his time at Saturday Night Live. But there were films, TV dramas, video games, and music appearances – big ones at that. And some off-set stories. Here are all the facts you need to know about the star who did a perfect John McCain voice among other important figures.


Chris Parnel was born Christopher Thomas Parnell in February 1967 in Memphis, Tennesse. He is of Swiss, German, and French heritage. Show life ran in his blood as his father was a radio personality. He attended Germantown High School in Tennessee and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, where he earned a degree in Dramatic Arts and where he affirmed his desire to become an actor, a dream that began in high school when his mates voted him “the most talented”.

After college, he had a year internship at Alley Theatre at Houston. There he became disillusioned with acting and returned home to teach. It was as though he would never see the skyline of Hollywood.

Chris Parnel is 52 years old.

Chris Parnell – Career

Chris Parnell moved to Los Angeles in 1992. His first point of call was the “The Groundings” an improvisational and comic sketch troupe. He auditioned for them and was accepted and got to make a handful of commercials appearances through them. His first film was “Jingle All the Way” in 1996. He had single-episodic and obscured movie appearances after this until 1998.

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In 1998, Parnell joined the cast of Saturday Night Live on NBC. He did sketches, parodies of dozens of public figures, and the general funny acts that actors do on Saturday Night Live. He was laid off after his third season in 2001. He was rehired in the middle of the following season before finally leaving in 2006. In all, he was part of SNL for 142 episodes. And while you may count this as his best moments on TV, he sees it as his biggest failures in that “I didn’t envision getting fired.”

Mr. Parnell was more of a voice artist than a normal actor. Besides Saturday Night Life, his best acts were with his voice. His notable voice acts include “Elena of Avalor” on Disney Channel, “WordGirl” on PBS Kids, the voice of Mr. Peabody in “The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show” between 2015 and 2017, “Nature Cat” on PBS Kids, Cartoon Network’s “Rick and Morty”, “Hotel Transylvania” animated film series, and Fox’s animated sitcom “Family Guy”. Etc.

Is Chris Parnell married?

Chris Parnell is a married man. When he got married, who he got married to, where they got married to, etc. are all information Parnell has successfully kept out of the media. What we know is that he is married and that he has two children. That is all. In fact, his miserly nature with his matrimony make a lot of people doubt that he is actually even married at all, thereby making them wave that lazy “is he gay” question. We won’t argue that gay line and it is not just because we believe he is married. It is because one’s marital status is never a foolproof indication of one’s sexual orientation.

Parnell is said to be married to an ex-actress. They have two kids.

Height and net worth

Chris Parnell has made a decent amount of money in Hollywood. He owns that kind of wealth that many find decent and many still frown at when put side by side his time and credits in the industry. Parnel’s net worth is put at three million dollars which amounts at one million dollars per ten-years. Truth be said, this is not a very inspiring return for a man who does nearly every form of entertainment. He sings too.

It is also possible that Parnel’s net worth is underestimated. Yes, a man who can hide his wife and children from the media for so long can hide pretty every other thing. For all we think we know, Mr. Parnel might be sitting on some cool twenty million dollars and laughing at the people who bought his three million dollars net worth claim hook, line, and whatnot. He lives in a 1.7 million dollars house in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Just to get the idea.

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Chris Parnell is a decent 5 feet eight inches tall (or 1.73 meters). Decent in normal life but two full inches shorter than the average man in Hollywood.

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