Cathy Lee Crosby – Age, Career, Full Facts Of The Original Wonder Woman

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Cathy Lee Crosby

If you type Wonder Woman on Google today, you would probably find only the pics of Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot is the actor portraying Wonder Woman today. This is the age of social media and streaming. Information is easily collected and shared. This is also the age of the present. People hardly look back. Ironically you no longer need to go to the library to consult the encyclopedia nor do you need old newspapers nor do you need to ask your old uncle who lives in Arkansas and visits every Christmas to know who used to be what. Here it is – Gal Gadot is not the first person to play Wonder Woman. She is not even the second. Cathy Lee Crosby is the original Wonder woman and here is everything you need to know about her.

Cathy Lee Crosby – Age, Early Life, and Education

Cathey Lee Crosby was born in December 1944 in Los Angeles which is not coincidental as her parents worked in Hollywood. Her father named Lou Crosby was a song and scriptwriter. Her mother, Linda Hayes, was what Cathy referred to as an “RKO contract actress” originally meaning a Radio Contract Actress. Cathy is the second child of three kids. Cathy’s parents later separated and her father moved to Australia.

Cathy Lee Crosby attended the University of Southern California with a degree in Psychology, graduating cum laude. Cathy Lee Crosby is 76 now years old.

Cathy Lee Crosby – Career

Cathy used to be a professional tennis player. She ranked as high as 7th in US Junior ranking for singles and 4th for doubles (she played with her sister, Linda Lou). Cathy went on to play beyond the waters of the United States, playing twice at Wimbledon.

Cathy Crosby retired in 1968. In the same year, she made her debut in “It Takes All”, the adventure series on ABC. In 1973, she was in “The Laughing Policeman”, the movie which the legendary Roger Ebert described as “…an awfully good police movie: taut, off-key, filled with laconic performances.” In 1974, aged thirty, Cathy Crosby became the first actor to play the role of DC Comics Superhero, Wonder Woman. Crosby played the role also known as Diana Prince in a TV film on ABC.

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“Wonder Woman” was not just a movie; it was a pilot for a would-be TV series. But the reviews weren’t wonderous so ABC did not pick it up. Instead, ABC collaborated with Warner Brothers and created an original Wonder Woman concept removed from the influences of the era. This time around they picked Lynda Carter to play the role. “Wonder Woman” went on to air for three seasons of 59 episodes. Cathy claimed in her book that she was offered the role in this version but she turned it down. If this is true, she should regret it till her last moments.

From 1980 to 1984, Cathy was a co-host of the reality TV show “It’s Incredible” where people perform stunts of sorts. She had also been a commentator at Wrestle Mania when it was still run by World Wrestling Federation. In all, according to IMDb, Cathy Lee Crosby has 75 TV and movie credits to her name. Her last acting credit was from the movie “Prayer Never Fails” in 2016.

Marriage, Height, and Net Worth

Cathy is 5 feet 8 inches (or 1.73 m) tall. Cathy was married once, in 1966 aged 21 and divorced her husband before their second anniversary. For nearly eight years, ending in 1991, she was in a relationship with footballer Joe Theismann. After their relationship ended, she sued him claiming he reneged on their agreement to be financially supportive. He countersued her, gunning for half of her net worth. She quickly filed for bankruptcy. The case was eventually settled out of court where it is best believed that Cathy got compensated in millions.

Before we mention her net worth, we must point out that her claim to bankruptcy did not collaborate anywhere outside her autobiography. According to, Cathy is worth a whopping 51 million dollars.

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