Callie Klein – From Jehovah Witness To The Adult World

Callie Klein

Nobody is a fan of the adult industry. Not you, not I. The adult industry is one that you just stumble upon and watch a clip, hate them and never return to them. Or perhaps, you return to it, reluctantly. Knowing this, we are, almost, sure you don’t know Callie Klein. A lot of people may have known her before she joined the industry and lost track of her. If you still kept in touch with her name, or just stumbled on it, this is for you. The story of Callie Klein who went from the church to the set of the adult.

In the beginning

Callie Klein was born in June 1997.

Callie Klein was born in Scottsdale, Arizona but she grew up with her grandparents who were Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mesa, Arizona. Callie was a smart girl who graduated early from school as a Valedictorian with a 4.5 CGPA. She went to college where she studied Pre-med with the dream of going to the university.

Callie’s parents are divorced as a result of her father opening up to the family that he is gay. He is not just gay, he owns a gay porn company called “Boy Crush” and it is acclaimed that her mother was a Cam Model.

There was Jehovah Witness

While her parents were in the world and really close to the adult world (it can even be said she learned the trade from them – her father, in fact, was the when who suggested Klein, as she had a Calvin Klein shirt on when she needed a classy name). But Klein had grown with her grandparents who were staunch Jehovah witnesses.

No one can say for sure what happened. There have been suggestions that she was a rebellious child who wanted to take up the adult world in order to spite her grandparents, but we suspect it is something bigger than this. Jehovah’s Witness is an extreme denomination of Christianity that eschews anything worldly. If she abandoned all she had been taught in the church and became a happy ending star, there must have been something strong.

It could also be that her parents’ genes overrode the teachings of Jehovah.

Callie’s Journey to Limelights

Callie was a Fetish Model before a friend suggested Cam Modelling as an escape from her boring life and to do something fun while making some extra money. She did make a lot of money with the stage name “Callie Cat”. She officially joined the industry in 2016 after an agent reached out to her and advised she gives pornography a chance. You don’t need a soothsayer to know if a chance was given.

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Popularly known for featuring in “The Training of O” adult series, Callie was nominated for the AVN Hottest Newcomer Award in 2017. Over these few years, Callie has transformed from the nerdy shy girl she was to a confident and rich happy ending actress. She claims she has the natural ability and likeness to perform in front of a camera and this makes her feel empowered.

Callie has worked with several pornographic production companies such as Archangel, Amateur Alert, Naughty America, And many others.

Personal life, relationship, and sexuality

When Callie was 17 years old she was engaged to Alec, a young man who was serving in the military. She had to call off the engagement because she didn’t love him. Poor Callie. Must have been very hard. or it could be as a result of growing up in a family of divorce and extramarital affairs, Callie is a chronic anti-relationship and anti-romantic.

Callie opened up in an interview that she’s more attracted to women than their male counterparts because men tend to be more clingy after coitus.  So in a word ‘friends-with-benefits. If you see more than a word, take off your glasses.

She’s presently single and not searching but open to having a great time with anyone. Anyone. She’s not gender-biased. She enjoys having fun but hates commitment.

Callie’s Net Worth and other facts

There is no accurate record of Callie’s current net worth but she’s definitely rich. Within her first three years in the industry, she was worth close to a million dollars.

Callie said she’s vertically challenged but it’s just a euphemism for “I’m short”, with a double “T”. She’s 5 foot 1 inch tall, which is approximately 156cm.

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