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Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns is a star in many aspects of the show industry, acting, modeling, hosting, being a socialite, all. She is that kind of celebrity whose life outside of the screen you would love to know. She was born Brooke Elizabeth Burns in Dallas, Texas. Here are all the facts you need to know about the Dog Eat Dog host and the quizmaster of GSN’s The Chase.

How old is Brooke Burns?

We already mentioned where Brooke Burns was born but since you are one of the few millions who skip introductions, here is it again, she was in Dallas, Texas. She was born in March 1978. She was born to a Christian family and her father, Brad Burns, did part-time missionary work.

Ms. Burns spent her childhood in Texas dancing ballet and skiing. At the age of sixteen, she moved to Europe with her parents and two sisters and went on to live in France, Italy, and Germany.

What happened to Brooke Burns?

A lot. The nerve of you asking what happened. The answer should actually only be summed in a lot. Yes, she’s an adult living on earth and there is one thing life is good at, it screws everyone. A lot. In 2005, Brooke nearly lost her life in a pool accident. It was nighttime, she needed to cool her head off, she came to the edge of the swimming pool, the light was bad, she dived, she hit her head on the bottom, she broke her neck.

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“I didn’t even think about it,” she said. Just like that, she could have lost her life or worst still (depending on the level of your sadism) wallow in paralysis for the rest of her life. She was lucky, doubly so. A friend of hers was visiting. He is well-trained as a paramedic and a firefighter. He helped her by supporting her neck and keeping her afloat water something that saved her spinal cord.

It is on record that 90% of diving accidents of this nature have resulted in paralysis. To show gratitude for this escape she became involved with helping paralytics and patients with spinal cord injuries through the Life Rolls On Foundation,  the Think First National Injury Prevention Foundation, and the North American Spine Society.

Before she broke her neck, Burns was involved in a skiing accident in which she ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament. Then in 2014, she was involved in a car accident. Her BMW was mangled and toyed away – she was left in a shock. Three accidents in her life. She has endured enough accidents to even cover for her children’s children.

Career – what did Brooke Burns host?

Brooke Burns has hosted a handful of shows. Between 2002 and 2003 she hosted “Dog Eat Dog” on NBC in which she coordinated trivia and other competitions for the prize of 25 thousand dollars. Then she co-hosted the Fox version of the “Hole In The Wall” in 2008 up until the next year. In this game, players tried to force themselves into a styrofoam wall.

Ms. Burns’ most extensive credit as a host came in Game Show Network’s “The Chase”. She hosted the show for two years and made a name for herself and earned Emmy nominations in a span of 29 episodes. The game as NBC’s above is a copy from the UK. In “The Chase” contestants try to out-answer a quiz genius known as the chaser in 60 seconds. In 2014, Burns hosted “Motor City Master”.

In the movie aspect, Burns was part of “Titanic 2” and “Mistresses” and many others.

Is Brooke on the chase married?

Brooke Burns was married to the son of a former Prime Minister of Australia. She got married to Julian McMahon in 1999. McMahon was an actor whose career became in 1989, spanned two continents and earned moderate accolades. Born in 1968, his marriage with Burns produced one daughter.

Burns and McMahon’s union ended in divorce in 2002.

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Brook Burns did not remarry for eleven years. When she did, the lucky man was Gavin O’Connor, a filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter. The two got married in June 2013 and are blessed with a daughter named Declan Welles, born in early 2017. They live in Los Angeles.

How much is Brooke Burns worth?

For her acting, hosting, and modeling, and for a career that began in 1996, and, perhaps, for hidden smart investments, Brooke Burns has a net worth of three million dollars to show for these.

She is nearly 5 feet nine inches or 1.74 meters tall. And at the time of Googling her, she weighs 58 kg or 128 pounds.

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