Brooke Ashley Hall – Five Questions About Her Answered

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Brooke Ashley Hall

Brooke Ashley Hall is an American YouTuber, model, and social media influencer, known for sharing her singing, dancing, pranks videos, and lifestyle photos on her YouTube channel, TikTok and Instagram account. Brooke Ashley owns a family YouTube channel “The Beverly Halls”, which she co-runs with her husband (the channel was launched back in July 2014 and skyrocketed during the lockdown in 2020).

How Old Is she and is her nationality?

Brooke Ashley Hall was born in Warren, Ohio, the United States on the 19th of April 1993 and she is 29 years old.

Seeing that she was born in the United States, Brooke Ashley Hall is American but with mixed ethnicity – black and white.

Who is Brooke Ashley Hall married to?

Brooke Ashley is married to Marco Hall. Marco Hall is an American-based Professional  Boxer turned Tiktok star, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. Marco Hall was born in Warren City, Ohio State United States, on February 9, 1985, and he’s 37 years old.

Marco Hall started his career as a boxer in 2011 when he was 26 years old and during his time as a boxer, he fought against some high profile personalities such as Angel Figueroa and Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez.

However, Marco hasn’t stated that he is officially retiring from boxing, well let say he is currently inactive from boxing. Marco Hall is estimated to be worth about $500,000 which is from his boxing days and his social media accounts.

How did Marco Hall meet his wife?

Marco Hall once stated that he met Brooke at a Walgreen’s parking lot in Warren city years ago, then they were both already settled into different jobs, Brooke Ashley working as an overnight nurse while Marco Hall was a professional boxer.

Both had things in common then like their interest in being a social media influencer and having kids from their previous relationships.

They both knew having kids in their previous relationships would be a little difficult process bringing their different families together, so they have to use social media to document the realities of their relationships, parenthood, and their self-dubbed “imperfectly blended” new household.

How old was Brooke Ashley Hall when she had her first baby?

Brooke has three children named Braylon, Mar’Cannon and Caedon. Braylon is from her previous relationship, Brooke gave birth to Braylon when she was 16 years old which was very young for someone to nurse a baby but she remained strong through those times.

Mar’Cannon and Caedon were with Marco Hall after they become a couple.

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