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Briga Heelan

Briga Heelan’s rise to fame was as a result of hard work and consistency. She was never a child model, she never appeared in any Disney or McDonalds commercial, she just walked her way into fame because of her resilient spirit for success. Since attaining fame, Briga Heelan has starred in a couple of movies and looks like who get roles so easily these days. What do you know about her aside from the movies she has featured on, here are 13 facts for you.

1. Briga Heelan is the daughter of a playwright

Briga Heelan was born on 2 April 1987 in Andover Massachusetts. The actress comes from a very talented family. Her father Kevin Heelan is a  playwright, dramatist, and faculty member at Philips Andover Academy since 1983 and her mother Kimball Heelan is an actress and Lowell Public Schools, teacher. With the close relationship she shared with her parents, Briga witnessed what it felt like to act at an early age, but she had other talents and was ready to give it a try.

2. Briga Heelan studied at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for a year

Briga discovered she had a thing for music so her parents at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for a year, this was after she left the Walnut Hill School for the Art. While Cincinnati Music School gave her the first experience of what music entails, she never completed her study so she left.

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3. She is an alumnus of University of Southern California

Briga left the Cincinnati Music School to join the University of Southern California. Although her course of study has never been made public, it will not be unconnected with drama, theatre performance or any other course that has to do with acting.

4. She has only one sibling by the name Conor

Briga did not grow up in a large family. Her parents might have taken the advice of saving the earth so serious. She only has one brother named Conor. Where is Conor now? We don’t have an idea but there has not been any information that Briga is not in good terms with his brother

5. Briga Heelan started her acting career in 2009

Briga made her acting debut in the year 2011 when she appeared in the movie “Man UP”. She was not given a lead role, but starring in the movie was an opportunity to convince producers and viewers why her movies should be watched and in 2017, she returned with an answer.

6. She is mostly known for her role in Great News (2017)

The year 2017 might have been a normal year for everyone but not for Briga. It was a year she cemented her place in Hollywood after her breakout role in “Cougars Town”.

7. She dated singer Martin Johnson in 2009

Perhaps because she couldn’t do music she has to date someone who does and who probably won her heart with great rhythm. The duo fell in love and dated sometime in 2009 before breaking up. Martin Johnson is not just a singer, he is also a songwriter and has written songs for Jason Derulo, Avril Lavigne, and Taylor Swift.

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8. Briga Heelan is married to Rene Gube

Her second attempt at a relationship ended in marriage and Rene Gube is the man she fell for. Her husband, Rene has also worked with her in “Ground Floor”, and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

The couple dated for a while before they got engaged on October 16, 2014. They married on May 8, 2015, proving that love is not always filled with sharp stones and daggers.

9. She became a mother in 2016

It seems the couple has always wanted to be parents and in it never took so much time before they added a new member into their home. They together have one daughter named Bennet Alejandra Gube. She was born on October 31, 2016.

10. Briga Heelan’s net worth is around $1 million dollars

Briga’s net worth is not bad considering the time she made her Hollywood debut. Internet sources put her net worth at around $1 million dollars, give and take a couple of thousands.

11. She was named after her grandmother’s best friend

Briga is of Irish descent. She was actually named after her grandmother’s best friend, an Irish girl from Dublin. But the name “Briga” actually comes from an Irish goddess.

12. She is yet to win any award in acting

Briga has won hearts with her acting talents but she is yet to win any award. But hopefully, with time, she will land one. Not that she needs this as a testament to her brilliance.

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13. Her bra size is 37 inch

Yea, we know Briga is married but for fans who lust and wonder her bra size is 37 inches. And this is not us suggesting you get a pair of brassieres for her next birthday. If her husband Rene Gube contacts us, we are going to deny you hook, line, and sinker.

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