Boris Hiestand- Age, Career, ALL The Facts About Him

Boris Hiestand

Boris Hiestand is from Amsterdam In the Netherlands, he was born around the early 1980s. Boris is a native Dutch speaker who has lived in Bangkok, Munich, Bristol, and London. He has lived in England for so long that his British can’t be argued. Boris Hiestand plays drum and Ukulele very well as he enjoys jazz music. His style is very vast as he could sound deep, authoritative sexy, neutral, warm in his baritone voice.

The talented actor and director is 187 cm tall with an athletic body build, blue-colored eyes and blond hair, and always on a straight hairstyle. He loves Archery, sailing, Abseiling, Fencing, swimming, basketball, surfing, and yoga for sports.

Boris Hiestand- Education and Early Life

From an early age, Boris Hiestand always loved acting and drawing and knew when he was 14 that he wanted to be an animator, he was always doing voices for fun in his spare and leisure time, he would record some of this funny voices to animate it. He was working on some commercials for cleaning the toilet he put the voices together and the agency liked it and that was how he decided to put together a voice-over demo which he sent to see what would be made of it and ever since then he has been doing voices as a sideline to his animation career.

He later pursued his dreams at the college creative arts in Farnham United Kingdom at what was then called the Surrey Institute of Arts and Design, Maid stone and Rochester 1998-2001.

Boris Hiestand is an animator, actor and director with a vast knowledge visual effects and animation as he has work on some of the biggest fantasy films of the last twenty years though he started as a jester before he started working on larger productions. Some of his other skills include artistic director, painting, impersonator, storytelling, juggling, puppet, translator and improvisation, he is versatile, known and well respected in the animation world, full of talent, energy but also cunning and seductive and full of depth, intelligence and depth.

The multiplicity of his personality wows his fans worldwide and made him the heart of attention all around the world for quite a while. His outstanding work of voice acting amazes his fans.

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The four million dollars worth actor and director have so many notable works to his name. Some of his notable works include; Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), The Harry Porters Films and The Order of the Phoenix (2007), Hotel Transylvania (2012), The Pirates (2012), Dennis and Gnasher (2017-2020)  Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ( 2020 Video Game)  Anthem (2019 video Game) The Angry Birds Movie.

Boris Hiestand- Career 

Boris Hiestand is the owner and director of Molotov pictures from 2016 till date, located at London, United Kingdom they provide designs, pre/post visuals, animation production and voice over services. He’s the director of Define for three months from March 2021, currently directing a TV series now in development. He was the Animator Moon studio for two years and five months in London United kingdom. He was the director of Jellyfish pictures for one year and six months and also a senior animator for Frame store in June 2016 for two months

Freelancer March 2016-July 2016 London United Kingdom

Animator Passion Pictures from April 2016-June 2016 London United Kingdom

Senior character animator in Sony Pictures animation January 2015 – January 2016 (Venvour, Canada area)

Lead Animator; locomotion from may 2013-July 2013

He was senior animator Aardam animations animation in September 2010 for one year and six months

Director for Uli Meyers studio

A character animator for MPC in June 2006 –June 2007

Animator fanciful arts animation nov 2001-may 2002

Supervising Animator Munich animation May 2002- Aug 2003

Animator Espresso Animation Dec 2005 – Nov 2005

Character Animator MPC June 2006- June 2007

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