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From Daughters of Divine Convent to the Big brother Africa house via reality TV stardom, Beverly Osu’s story is enthralling and also controversial in the Nigerian entertainment industry and we know it. While it would be impossible to divorce her story from her Big Brother Africa reality appearance, the entertainment industry is where Beverly occupies exclusively. Here are five things about the star you may not know.

1. Beverly Osu was expelled from the convent in her Fifth year

Everyone chooses a career path and as for Beverly, being a reverend sister was far from who she desired to be. What made her to remain at the Daughters of Divine convent until her fifth year when she was forced to drop the nun regalia, and picked up the model outfits may never be known. After she left the convent, the Delta State-born diva got admission into Babcock University to study Mass communication but also dropped out. Time was tickling, and fame was calling. She took a short modern route to fame and became the good Beverly with a touch of bad girl character.

Just like Maheeda the goddess of X, she continues to surprise the internet and get people talking about her when she feels like. The ex-nun student once posted a picture of herself rocking a baby bump and tagging it with the caption “Surprise” and that got people talking for a week. She returned again online posting a picture she took at the beach completely topless and this got people talking about her for more than a week.

2. She once did runs to fend for herself and her family

When Beverly confessed that she once slept with rich men to fend for herself and her family, the story hit the internet like a bad tennis serve, but she was not seeking for clout when she said it, Beverly was honest. For those who watch the eighth Big Brother Africa (The Chase) they might not be too amazed, as she was alleged to have had an affair in a bathtub with a fellow housemate Angelo, from South Africa even though she later debunked the news that she and Angelo never went that far.

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Well, her story of being with rich men for survival didn’t hurt the love people have for her. Sincerity still counts for something, perhaps.

3. Beverly Osu was introduced to the idea of modeling by her cousin

Her psychedelic looks and anorexic features are easily recognized, it didn’t go unnoticed by her cousin. She is stunning, something radiated from within that rendered her irresistible to both genders. Men desired her and women courted her friendship. Her cousin might have noticed this for she urged her to go that way. Beverly picked modeling career and the awards came almost instantly. She won the Nigerian Top video Vixen Award and the Dynamix Award for Model of the Year. She didn’t stop there. Her eyes continue to scan through the modeling world with determination and her coast continued to swell.

She has appeared in some music videos like Djinee ‘Overkilling it’, Ice Prince Oleku, “Boys are not smiling” by Terry Tha Rapman, then immediately after the Big Brother show, she started modeling for Clarion Chukwuma’s clothing line, she has also modeled for “ Francis Moss” a lingerie company.

In 2013, she signed an endorsement deal with Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria to help market their brand and she also became a brand ambassador for Ivie Hair. Beverly Osu was no longer just a model; she has become a supermodel.

4. Beverly Osu is Africa’s Amber Rose

Beverly Osu is the kind of celebrity that has a thing for celebrities and she has proved this as she has dated some of them, accepting this fact and denying some. It was reported that she once dated the rapper 2shotz who she said abused her physically but 2shotz said they never dated. On the other hand, it was rumored that she was dating Terry G secretly which she denied.

Well, it could all be rumors but rumors are sometimes touchstones of truth.

5. The model once admitted to discontinuing a pregnancy

Beverly Osu is endlessly daring. While in the Big Brother house, she told fellow housemates that she once aborted her pregnancy. Four months pregnancy, she said. Aborting a baby demands guts, aborting one in the second trimester requires super guts and will, something Beverly obviously had. In one of her numerous interviews, the model confirmed what she said in the house to be the truth.

She may be broke then, the father of the baby might not be ready or, perhaps, she wasn’t just up to the task for being a mother, whatever the cause, we can only speculate. It is now years since the incidence and we will never have the baby back.



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