Benoît Maréchal – Who Is He And What We Know

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Benoît Maréchal

Seen people drop their degrees in pursue of their dreams in another field outside their degree course and making it big for themselves. Here we will get to know more about Benoît Maréchal, the actor that left his degree aside in pursuit of his dream in acting.

Here we go.

Who is Benoît Maréchal and early career

Benoît Maréchal is a French dancer and actor,  known for films “Byagstvo/Escape”, “The Shiny Shrimps” and “Les bleus: premiers pas dans la police”. He was born 5 May 1979.

After completing an engineering degree, Benoít decided to move towards something different from engineering. First, he had a performance in dancing which got him his first recognition, Benoít got an opportunity to perform dancing a choreographic creation and impersonating “The Lover for a Day” in Vincent Ansari’s show of the same name, he performed alongside Isabelle Huppert Quartet based on Heiner Müller in 2006, at the ‘Odeon-Theater.

Benoît Maréchal – more on his career

After quite some time dancing and performing stand-up comedy, he decided to move into big-screen acting, in 2010 he got his first taste of acting in the film “Dancing Forever”, playing the role of Tim. But his biggest recognition that year was in the French crime film “Les Bleus: Premiers Pas Dans La Police” playing the role of Tiago Etchegoyen.

The following year he got to play the character Adrien Neige in the musical comedy film “The New Snow White”, in 2016, he was among the cast of the movie “Lancelot” appearing as Arthur in the film.

Three years later Benoít got more recognized for his role in the film “The Shiny Shrimps” where he acted as Bram and his recent role was in the Drama thriller film “Byagstvo/Escape”, playing the role of Jean-Claude.

He had also acted in theatrical dramas like “Lover for a day” back in 2005 and also the “Quartet” from 2006.

A private man

Benoít Maréchal seems like a guy who loves his privacy and space, he’s yet to reveal anything about his personal life and family life. One can’t tell if Benoít is in a relationship or not, maybe he’s trying to keep it all to himself or probably single.

Even though he got a degree in engineering, one can point out which University he attended, that can also be said about his net worth, there is no information about his assets or income although his source of income is known, his acting, dancing, and also modeling.

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