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Beau Garrett is a model and actress, the kind you see and want to see again. And then you wonder how far they have come and what they are up to, then you ask a lot of questions about them. And we proffer the answers to you. Here we go.

How old is Beau Garrett?

Beau Garrett was born in December 1982. She was born in Los Angelos but was raised in Topanga. Ms. Garrett grew up singing and riding horses but it was the former that got her noticed. She was picked up by a modeling agency and for the rest of her teenage span and even beyond.

Why did Garrett move into acting? This seems natural for many models and for the case of Garrett she has a relation to look up to. Her cousin is a certain Kyle Chandler. He was in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Netflix thriller “Bloodline”. He made his debut when Beau was just a little girl of six. There is no prove or quote pointing to Chandler as her influence but there is no harm in smart speculations.

Beau Garrett is 37 years old.

What roles has Beau Garrett played in movies and TV shows?

Beau Garrett made her debut in Fox primetime soap opera “North Shore” in 2004. She has gone on to appear in more than thirty acting credits. Some of her better-known credits include the film “Tron: Legacy”, the science fiction film from 2010 which was a sequel from some film from the early 1980s. She played the role of Gem, a minor character. She was in the HBO comedy TV series “Entourage” also 2004 which happened to be of her second credit. She played the role of Fiona for one episode.

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In 2013, Garrett appeared in “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” the romantic comedy-drama on Bravo based on a series of novels by Vicki Iovine. She featured in 33 episodes. She was in the police drama series “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” on CBS (thirteen episodes).

Her other notable credits “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007); she played the role of a hot US Army Captain Frankie Raye. She was also in the experimental drama film “Knight of Cups” where the producers were probably so lazy they let her keep her name.

Is the actress married?

No, Beau Garrett is not married. And this is not for want of options. She dated the actor Kyle Howard. He isn’t such a popular shot in the industry and you wouldn’t know him. He should have married her, perhaps his career wouldn’t be as the symbolic “House Arrest” he acted in 1996.

After this, Beau dated Chris Pine who happened to be more than six years younger than her. The difference in age wasn’t the cause of the breakup after just a year. Why should it be? Age is really just a number and no one has seen the decree that women must be younger than their spouse.

Her last known boyfriend is the actor and director, Chris Payne Gilbert. The pair dated for a long time. They began dating in 2011 and broke up in 2011.

What does Beau do now? The world doesn’t resolve around pricks, tiny handcuffs and your need to gossip. That is that.

How tall is Beau Garrett?

Beau Garrett is a model and her height tells her story. She is 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 meters tall. She weighs 57 kg or 125.6 pounds. Her bra size is 34B and her boobs, waist, and hips are measured at a blend of 34-26-32 inches which is classic or must be.

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She has a banana body shape. Her shoe size is ten. Why are we telling you all these? – not that you can afford to buy her a present.

How rich is the star?

Beau Garrett is quite rich. She is worth eleven million dollars. Her acting hasn’t been full of box office blockbusters, so she couldn’t have earned all this loot acting. Her modeling career must have played a big role. She has modeled for Revlon Cosmetics, and CosmoGirl and Double D Ranch. And a handful of others.

The word supermodel is sometimes used to describe Beau Garret, so yes, her modeling must have fetched her big bucks.

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