Aysha Selim – Early Life, Family, Career, Full Facts

Aysha Selim

Aysha Selim went to bed one night like every other normal person, only to wake up to discover that she has become a superstar following her voice involvement in a videogame. She is popularly known as the Voice of Ana Amari in the Video game Overwatch and Heroes of Storm.

Her fan base grows steady as more people played the game without her knowing. Aysha doesn’t play video games as she enjoys playing board games. She did promise to play the game just to have something to say when she meets a fan. Aysha, who still claims she’s not a voice actor, had a life before hidden from the limelight. A life she’s not ready to give up for the glam. Here is everything there is to know about the oblivious celebrity.

Aysha Selim is from Egypt

Aysha Selim was born and raised in the city on top of the continent, Cairo, Egypt. She is born to Dr. Hoda Hebaisha an English Literature Professor and Theatre Critic, and Abdel Moneim Selim, a playwriter and founder of the first experimental theatre in Egypt mahrah el 100 Korsi (Theatre of the 100 chairs). Aysha never mentioned her siblings or relatives in any of her interviews.

Her first formal education was in the German Evangelist School, Cairo. Aysha graduated and went to get her first degree in psychology with a minor in theatre from the American University of Cairo (AUC), where she directed three plays, acted/mimed, and danced in several others (it was meant to happen anyways).

Aysha is multilingual as she’s known to speak four languages: Arabic, English, French, and German.

From Dubbing to voice acting.

Aysha Selim joined the Mickey Mouse company, Walt Disney in 1997, she was the operational Manager Middle East for Arabic Dubbing for Disney Character Voices International (DCVI). She has also worked for the International News Broadcasting channel, BBC, the paid television network called National Geographic, and the Dream works animation studio.

In 2006, Disney closed the Arab Dubbing program and Aysha took the opportunity to get her master’s degree. Disney later struck a deal with Aysha to personally handle Arabic Dubbing not as part of the company but as a vendor. Aysha has collaborated and worked with Lucinda Syson in Cairo to cast the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine in Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin directed by Guy Ritchie.

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In 2007 Aysha joined Masreya Media (her friend’s company) founded in 1999 as a text and subtitle company. Her friend got a deal from the biggest Arab cable channel to do a pilot episode of “Ugly Betty” in Arabic. Aysha set up the Dubbing Department for Masreya Media that handled the project. She is presently the Creative Consultant at Masreya Media Dubbing department.

Aysha’s breakthrough came in 2016 when she was chosen to do the voicing of that character of Ana Amari in the popular Overwatch and Heroes of Storm, a game Produced by Blizzard Entertainment. She was offered the job after they turned down those she selected. Aysha has published a few short stories and has directed 3 plays for the theatre both in English and in Arabic. She won a Madalyn Lamont Award in 2007. Audio description was introduced by Aysha for the visually impaired in the Middle East.

Aysha’s Net Worth

For a celebrity, Aysha is involved in a lot of things. Aside from dubbing and voice acting, she’s also experienced in a lot of fields such as consultancy, Public relations, Advertising, Tourism, Production, and Arabic Tutoring. Aysha’s financial status is currently unknown., but if we are to give a figure, we would say Aysha’s net worth would be around $1 million. However, it doesnt matter how she’s worth now but how well she will continue to live in the hearts of her fans.

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