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ted mcginley

Ted McGinley: Age, Net Worth, Son, Other Facts

Ted McGinley is a “Married… with Children” star. He has so made successful appearances on TV that if the argument on whether one can be solely a TV star then McGinley’s name should be thrown in now and again. Here are facts about the star you have been craving for. How old is Ted McGinley ...

Marc Blucas

Marc Blucas: All The Facts And Details

Marc Blucas played College Basketball. Now he plays in the screen of Hollywood. He was Riley Finn in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” from the late 1990s and early 2000s and what an act he pulled there. He has gone on to feature in a series of films and shows and here are all you need ...

Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel: Career, Age, Whereabout

Mike Vogel began his career as a model, working for Levi’s, the denim jeans making giant. Perhaps he was handsome enough, or bold enough, or had enough of whatever makes it so easy for models to have a seamless switch into acting as he soon made his acting debut and made even more success here ...

Perdita Weeks

Perdita Weeks: Bio, Age, Sisters, Career

Perdita Weeks was born Perdita Rose Annunziata Weeks in South Glamorgan, the county containing the Welsh capital, Cardiff. The star was born on a Christmas day to Robin and Susan Weeks. She grew up to study art history at Courtauld Institute. But it was another form of art that Perdita will end up with. Perdita ...

Orion Acaba

Orion Acaba: Controversies, Career and Awards

If controversy can be expressed in human form, it would be born in Hollywood, on October 14, 1980, it would be 5 feet 10 inches tall, work as a popular voice actor and be named Orion Acaba. Is Orion that infused with controversy? Maybe the answer is yes, but no one can dismiss him as ...