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Cress Williams

Cress Williams: Wife, Family, Net Worth

Cress Williams is the star you probably knows as the badass guy who was asked to hunt down Michael Scoffied and co by the General of the Company in “Prison Break Season 4”. Or you know him as the Terrence “Scooter” Williams from the TV show “Living Single”. Or as the lead hero of the ...

Johanna Braddy

Johanna Braddy: Marriage Status, Career And Age

Johanna Braddy played the lead role in the movie “The Grudge 3”. You probably know her as Lisa, the character she played, but there are so much to be said of the star who was born in Georgia and only left the state after college. How old is Johanna Braddy? Because she was born on ...

Rich Evans

Rich Evans of RedLetterMedia: How Old? How Rich?

Rich Evans is an actor famous for his work with RedLetterMedia productions. It is more accurate to describe him as a show person as his credits include working as a voice actor, web actor, YouTuber, producer, director, and executive producer.  Despite not being what you will call an A-list star, Evans has so much to ...

Glenn Quinn

Glenn Quinn: Background, Career, Cause of Death

How long should a star live? The answer is simple, old enough to live in the hearts of their fans forever. Glenn Quinn died in December of 2002, nearly two decades past at the age of 32. But he was such a hit while he lived that his name has continually generated hits on Google, ...

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings: 10 Questions You Need to Ask

Love is a beautiful thing. The best love relationships are the ones that last forever. Marriage is one of the ways to take that step towards eternity. And when you find that one you desire to take down the aisle, it is customary to put a tiny cuff around their finger pending the day you ...

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite: All The Facts You Need

Born Jewel Belair Staite in 1982, in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, Staite has an acting career that has alternated between her home country and the United States.  Although still in her mid-thirties, Jewel Staite has a list of film and TV credit that would do honor to one twice her age. Here are five ...