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We have a policy against referring to any actresses as hot but with Ari Graynor, the temptation to call her hot is smoking hot. We resist this and in lieu of this, we offer you seven rare and not so rare facts about her your favored star.

1. Ari Graynor was born in Boston

Ari was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 27, 1983, as Ariel Geltman Graynor. Her mother, Joani Geltman was a parenting expert while her father Greg Graynor worked as a contractor. Her mother is Jewish while her father was Polish and Catholic ancestry but he later converted to Judaism and raised his daughter as a Jew. There is no evidence that Ari Graynor retains her Jewish religion as she keeps her faith private.

As of late 2019, Ari Graynor is 36 years old.

2. She is an only child

Ari Graymore is her parents’ only child. Only children are not rare in America. In fact, nearly one out of every four pairs of parents have only one child. So much that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this. Psychologists and people who should know better (and people who do know better we admit, no tongue-in-cheek) have made comments such as an only child been “a disease in itself”, only children been “oversensitive” and “less venturesome” and suffering from “a lack of companionship”.

We do not know about these things, but we know Graynor and she is not “less venturesome” and has not displayed any act that points to her suffering from the absence of company.

One aspect where we suspect her only child status might have benefitted her is in the aspect of food. Ari Graynor loves food. She once confessed that she loves New York City and Los Angeles for the food options they offer her. And she pointed out that she would love to eat “anywhere in Italy”. Her favorite foods include Spaghetti Pomodoro, steak and market vegetable plate, soft scramble (with greens instead of hash), and, of course, burger.

Ari has favorite restaurants for these foods.

And she hates working out. She once admits that she once went year(s) without conscious strenuous exercising. How she manages to keep fit and slim in spite of all she eats is a mystery.

Although we must point out that liking food does not always translate to being a glutton. You might have heard some fancy researchers making comments to the regards that only children eat alone. Not Ari, at least it doesn’t show in her shape.

3. She was educated at Trinity College

Ari has a degree from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. For her secondary, she attended a private High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts known as Buckingham Browne & Nichols, a school that affirms the middle-class status of her family.

The above might not even be the biggest education she received. Her parents were actors with local stage productions; they knew a thing and so about acting and their support and encouragement was an education in itself.

4. Ari Graynor weights 53 kg (117lbs)

Ari has a slender frame and weighs just 54 kg, far far less than the American female average of 77kg or 170 pounds; and less than Kim Kardashian who weighs 56kg. For height, Ari Grayor is 1 inch taller than the average American female height of 5 feet 4 inches. She is taller than Kim Kardashian by two whopping inches. Why is Kim Kardashian the benchmark? Who is complaining?

Other Ari Graynor’s measurements: Ari wears a US dress size of 6 (36 in the EU). Her bra size is 32B while her shoe size is 7 (US size), 37.5 (EU). Her body shape is 34-26-34 inches (or 86-66-86 in centimeters). According to the Urban Dictionary, the perfect measurement for a woman is 36-24-36 inches. Ari isn’t far from this.

5. The blonde actress is single

Ari Graynor is single. This means two things, she is not married and she is not in any relationship we know about.

This has not always been so. She dated the actor Johnny Galecki in 2006. She didn’t come out openly to affirm this; he didn’t. They didn’t have to as their frequent dates told us the situation. They didn’t even tell us when it was over, again, we knew.

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Next, Graynor dated stage actor and comedian, Eddie Kaye Thomas, in 2008. They dated up to 2010 before going their separate ways. Over the next ten years, there has been no news about Graynor in the media as regards to her romantic life. This doesn’t mean she hasn’t dated, it may just mean she wanted and kept things under wraps.

She may even be dating today and keeping it all hushed up.

6. Ari Graynor first appeared on screen in 2001

Ari began her picture career in HBO’s show “Sopranos”. She featured in just four episodes playing the role of Caitlyn Rucker, a sex-crazed hot-pantie and depressive teenager. Just four episodes, but they were enough. The star attained prominence that would carry her on to tens of other projects. And she hasn’t looked back since then.

Ari played what she would later become, a pop star, in “CSI: Miami”, the detective drama on Fox. She played recurring roles in the science fiction series “Fringe” also on Fox and in 2019, she was part of the comedy-drama “Whip it” cast.

Ari Graynor’s role of a confused upper-class chic with an insatiable obsession for turkey sandwiches in the romantic comedy “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, in 2008, is one of the high points of her acting career. And how can we forget to mention the time Ari did stand-up comedy before a live audience to prepare her for her role in “I’m Dying Up Here”. The nerve.

As of August 2019, Ms. Graynor has played parts in 28 films and 15 television dramas. More films and dramas are coming and before her fiftieth birthday, Graynor would have crossed the 3 digits credits or dancing on its edges.

Ari Graynor is also a producer. She was one of the producers of CBS show “Bad Teacher”, a show in which she also acted as one of the regular cast.

7. Ari Graynor is also a voice actor

Because she has an assured voice, Ari has made the switch into voice acting. Her credit in this regard is counted but such was the power and conviction in her voice that Ari played the voice roles of several characters in TV series “American Dad!”. The blonde star has also played voice roles in Fox series “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show”.

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