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antonia fotaras

Antonia Fotaras is an Italian actress and model, known for playing Laura in “SKAM Italia” (2018-2020), La Ragazza in “The Name of the Rose” (2019) and Adele Primic in “Il silenzio grande” (2021).

Here is everything we need you to know about her.

Antonia is a member of the Gen-Z

Antonia is young but not that new to the industry, so there isn’t enough information about her life before she came into the limelight.

Antonia Fotaras was born and raised in Rome. In one of her interviews, she mentioned her mother a d Aunt so it’s safe to assume she grew up with her parents. However, we do not know if she’s the only child.
Antonia Fotaras was born on September 10th, 1999.

Antonia is vast in the world of entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, Antonia Fotaras has something to contribute to almost every area.
Over the years Antonia has taken courses cutting across the different genre of entertainment, some of which includes Classic dance, costume design, dubbing, screenwriting, video dance at the “Ials”, and Violin course at the “Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia”.

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From 2014 to 2016, Antonia took an acting course with the theatre company “Work Art Society”, taking part in the shows and workshops. She also took private acting courses between 2016 and 2018. In terms of sport, Antonia is not left out, as she is into synchronized swimming.

Antonia is multilingual

Antonia is one of those multi-talented actors that shines in whatever role is placed before them. According to Internet Movie Database, Antonia acted speaking exclusively a dead language in “The First King” (2019) and “The Name of the Rose” (2019). In the first, she acted in Proto-Latin, while in the latter she acted in medieval Occitan.
Antonia Fotaras speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish, German.

She took a course in the Language Stage (York and Seville).

Antonia has over 20 movie credits

Antonia Fotaras started her career in the theater in 2007. She did a lot of stage play and shorts until 2018 when she made her official debut in the industry as Cristina in “Don Matteo”.

Some of her most recent works are “The First King” in 2019, “The last planet” in 2019, “Addio al Nubilato” in 2020, and the Netflix original “Luna Nera” in 2019.

Antonia Fotaras is not short

Antonia Fotaras might not be as tall as your runway model but she has enough height to get her signed with SCA and “Why Not Models”.

Antonia Fotaras towers at 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm. She weighs 119 lbs or 54 kg.

Image source: KnowSize