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Antje Traue is an actress from Germany whose career is not known for her roles in her home country. She began acting in 1997 and only became famous when she played the role of Faora in DC Comic’s superhero movie “Man of Steel”. As to why it never worked out for her in her native country, she said: “They said, ‘You’re not famous enough for the lead roles, and you’re too present for the supporting roles – you’d overpower the lead.'” It just turned out that Europe was never meant to be her launchpad to stardom. Here’s everything you need to know about the star.

Age and birthplace

Antje Traue was born in Mittweida a town in the district of Bezirk Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Bezirk Chemnitz) in East Germany which was under the political influence of Soviet Russia for which Traue grew up speaking German and Russian. She was born in January 1981 to a dancer and musician mother which must have influenced her towards a career in the arts. Antje became an artistic gymnast from the age of six.

Of diminutive stature, Antje Traue wanted to play the piano but “my fingers weren’t long enough” so she took on the guitar. But the musical instrument wasn’t what would make her famous – it was acting which she began at the age of 16.

Antje Traue is 39 years old.

Antje Traue – Career and the American Dream

Miss Traue’s talent became recognized when she played Jeanne d’Arc in a high school play. D’Arc was a heroine of France during the One Hundred Years War and somewhat found herself canonized as a Catholic saint and playing her must have been a big deal. Antje dropped out of school and began to pursue a career on the stage.

She began to perform and tour Europe (plus a stop in New York City) as a member of the International Munich Art Lab. She left this group after four years. She began appearing in a series of movies in Germany most of which were short and forgettable. She was in “Kleinruppin Forever” a German romantic movie from 2004 which was one of the more popular shows she was a part of in the early days.

In 2008, she became a part of the German and British collaborated English-language film “Pandorum” where she played the female lead, Nadia. Directed by Christian Alvart, made with a budget of 30 million dollars, this horror and survival adventure was released in September 2009. It only managed to make 20 million at the box office. This flop might have defined her career for the next couple of years, in Germany, at least/of course.

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In 2013, Antje became world-famous riding on the back of the American Dream, sort of. Well, perhaps more than just “sort of” as IMDb quotes her saying: “I think of Superman as the ultimate vanilla hero. He’s this perfect refugee, this perfect immigrant from another planet who embodies the American dream.”

It was in America in a superhero movie that made it for her, “Man of Steel” with Henry Cavill in the role of superman. Made with around 250 million dollars, the movie earned 668 million dollars at the box office becoming the highest-grossing film Traue was involved in. A direct follow-up of this movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, was released in 2016 with Traue not part of the cast.

Traue went on to feature in popular shows such as “Woman of Gold” a biographical movie from 2015, “Criminal” an action thriller from 2016, and “Despite the Falling Snow”, a spy movie set in the Cold War-era Britain (also released in 2016). Even with her new status as an international star, Traue never stopped appearing in her native German acts.

In 2016, she was in “Vier Gegen die Bank” a comedic crime movie, and in 2017, “Bye Bye Germany”, an international collaborated movie in English and German where she played the role of a special agent in a lead capacity. The last German movie industry role was “König der Raben” from 2019.

Antje Traue personal life and relationship

Antje is not married and there is not a ton of other things known about her personal life. Hers is what you can call a close-to-the-chest affair. The only name that is associated romantically with Antje Traue’s is Hannes Wagener, a fellow-German actor who was born in Potsdam-Babelsberg, some four months before Antje. Such is the paucity of information about this duo that we do not know when they started dating and when they broke up and why. We only know that they were an item in 2013.

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