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Annie Parisse

More than a decade, Annie Parisse has worked tirelessly to give you the delight of searching about her online. She has appeared in many TV series, starred in films and has also kept her home front intact. What do you know about the actress? Here are seven quick facts for you.

1. Annie Parisse moved with her family to Seattle at age 11

Annie Parisse was born on July 31, 1975, in Anchorage, Alaska, to mother Annette, a school teacher at Saint Kilian Parish School in Cranberry Township Pennsylvania. Her father Louis G. Cancelmi, was the assistant vice-president of public relations at Alaska Air.

Annie has two brothers Louis and Michael. His brother, Louis Cancelmi is also in acting business and is married to Elisabeth Waterston, the daughter of “Law & Order” legendary actor Sam Waterston. While Michael followed his mother’s path as a teacher.  When Annie was 11, his family relocated to Seattle, Washington, and settled there.

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Moving to Seattle, Annie who initially loved playing ice hockey when she was in Alaska shifted her interest to soccer. She was enrolled at Mercer Island High School and at the age of 18, she moved to New York City to study theatre at the Fordham University. She also studied Holborn Center for the Performing Arts located at London, England.

2. Acting was not the first career choice of Annie Parisse

Annie is amongst the celebrities who had a different career choice at their tender age. She was just a shy girl who wanted to study literature or comparative religion in college but her mother saw an acting flame in her which no one else saw and urged her to take a chance at Youth Theatre Northwest, a children’s theatre in Mercer Island, Washington.

Annie’s shyness gave way immediately she began acting at the Youth Theatre Northwest. Although, she was giving a non-speaking role during her first debut at the Youth Theater.

3. She adopted her great-grandmother’s name as her stage name

How do you immortalize the people you love? The answer is simple, tattoo their names on your heart, but since no one can see your heart as the world is not made of heart surgeons, you can do more than that. How about naming a foundation after them?

Or doing what Annie did: she adopted the name of her great-grandmother Anna Maria Parisse.

4. Annie Parisse has taught Acting for the Camera at Fordham University

Annie who used to be coy has taught acting for the camera at Fordham University. This may not come as a surprise of such judging that she hails from a family that loves teaching. Annie’s time during her classes at Fordham has proved one thing, she has mastered the art of acting and can now impact the skills to the younger generation.

5. She is a married woman

Annie married “House of Cards” actor Paul Sparks. The duo met in 2005 for the first time and got attracted to each other, the next thing that followed was an exchange of marriage vows. Paul Sparks is the man who portrayed the character of Tom Yates in the Netflix TV series.

The couple lives a moderately quiet life in Manhattan. In October 2009, they welcomed their first son Emmett born on October 2009 and a daughter named Lydia born in 2014.

6. Annie Parisse has many movie credits to her name

Annie Parisse made her screen debut in the film “On The Q.T” where he played the character of Wendy in 1999. It was a minor role that gave openings for other roles to come in the future. She also starred on the series like “Big Apple”, “Third Watch” and “Friends”.

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Annie has also starred in the TV series “Law & Order” as Alexandra Borgia. However, the series “As The World Turns” where she played the character of Julia Synder which earned her an Emmy nomination. Annie has also appeared in numerous film projects like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, “The Pacific”, “The Following” “House of Cards”, “The First” and many more.

7. She has a gigantic net worth

Annie’s estimated net worth is believed to be $10 million dollars.

Looking at this huge net worth, Annie would be excited that she removed her veil of shyness to take a career on the screen. She is still young and active in Hollywood with the opportunities to expand her financial fortunes very much likely. Would she answer the door? Hold your breath.

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