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Annet Mahendru

Annet Mahendru is an actress the kind you could call a small dolphin in a big sea. She was part of big TV series such as Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy, X-files, and The Blacklist, but they were small roles, one or two episodic roles which do not count so much. She played an extensive role in The Americans. Here are all the things you need to know about the thespian.

Annet Mahendru – age and heritage

Annet Mahendru was born in Kabul, the capital of Afganistan. Her father is a Hindu Indian educator named Ghanshan “Ken” Mahendru. Her mother is a Russian artist known as Olga. As a child, she traveled a lot and only found permanence when her parents separated and she moved to New York with her old man.

Annet went on to earn American citizenship. With Indian and Russian blood flowing in her veins, she is neither Indian-American like Tiya Sircar nor can she be called Russian-American like Margarita Levieva. She is the two – Indian-Russian-American. In an interview, she once said of her heritage: “It was fun to imaginatively connect the two cultures of my mom and dad into one that made sense… I always loved how the Hindi celebrations were so elevating and colorful, unlike a Catholic mass which feels super rigid.”

She couldn’t resist taking that dig on Roman Catholicism.

On top of her cultural duality, Mahendru is a linguist. She speaks English, German, Russian, Persian, Hindu, and French. Considering these ethnic and lingual multiples, she felt she was made for a career in the United Nations.

Annet Mahendru – career

In order to qualify for a job in the United Nations, Annet Mahendru who studied in the popular East Meadow High School and earned a degree in English from St. John’s University began to study for a master’s degree at New York University. She didn’t finish. Something else called and she took another turn – she became an actor, drawing artistic inspirations from her mother who sings.

Her first screen time was in a short (they are always short), obscured (they are usually never seen again) movie called “The Art of Love”. For the next seven years, she was involved in a couple of films which are either short films or obscured or both. Try Googling titles like “Got Rights?” “Duel of the Overmen” and “Captain Planet 4”; and good luck to you.

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For her TV roles, she was part of more known endeavors. Her first TV credit was the outrageously named comedy series on Paramount Television titled “Love Monkey”. This was followed by NBC’s “Conviction” and HBO’s “Entourage” in the next year. Throw in the pilot of British Science fiction series “Torchwood: Web of Lies” and the picture now appears clearer. Then she became a part of “The Americans”.

“The Americans” is a spy serial drama on FX. Mahendru played the role of Nina Sergeevna Krilova, a KGB spy in the Soviet Embassy in the US who becomes a double agent during the course of the four seasons in which she was part of the show (between 2013 and 2016). For this role, she got nominated for Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2014.

Annet’s background and cultural makeup have enabled her to play a series of roles, including Middle Eastern characters such as in”Tyrant” the political drama on FX where she played the role of Nafisa Al-Qadi in eight episodes; she has played Eastern European, colored and American roles.

Annet Mahendru’s husband

Annet Mahendru is a married woman. She got married in August 2016 to Louie Gibson the Australian actor, writer, director, and executive producer. The archetypical example of his works is “Happy Hunting”, a film he wrote, directed, edited and produced in 2015.

Annet is an Indian-Russian-American, married to an Australian. Growing up, she wanted to use her multicultural heritage to work for the UN. Now, it seems her unlived dream will find expression in her kids.

The couple lives in Los Angeles with their child.

Body stats and net worth

Ms. Mahendru stands at a relatively tall height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 meters, at least this is well taller than the average female height in Hollywood of 5 feet 5 inches. She weighs 58 kg or 128 pounds in a slim figure. The brown-eyed thespian wears 34B bra for a breast-waist-hip near-perfect measurement of 34-24-35 inches or 86-60-88 cm.

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Annet Mahendru is a rich woman. She nursed a dream of working for the United Nations. She didn’t end up there but in consolation, she has seven figures to show for this. She is worth 4 million dollars which would have taken her 50 years to earn if she doesn’t spend a cent.

Annet’s net figure is not carved in rock. It is open to questions and there are people online who doubt it. You may. We don’t.

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