Annapurna Sriram – Age, Movies, Is She In A Relationship?

Annapurna Sriram

There are many actors and actresses in the film industry but only a couple have been able to distinguish themselves from the others by adding screenwriters and producers to their resume and Annapurna Sriram, the “Welcome to God’s country” actress can be added to this group.

Here is everything we know about her.

Who is Annapurna Sriram and how old is she?

Annapurna Sriram is an American Actress, Screenwriter, Producer born in Burlington in Vermont, the United States in the year 1987 she will be celebrating her 35th birthday in 2002 but the exact day or month is still unknown.

Annapurna Sriram grew up in Nashville.

Annapurna’s movie career so far

Starting at a younger age, Annapurna featured in some films like “The Tulip Grower” in 2005 where she appeared as a character Anna, having a taste of acting her career seems to kick off in the film industry after that. In 2015, she was among the cast of “South of Hell” playing the role Diversi-Tay.

The year 2016 was a big year for her acting career when she played a role in many movies like “Billions” as Tara Mohr, “The Path” as Meera, and also “The American Adrift” as Abby. The next year 2017, Annapurna added a few roles to her CV, featuring in “Modern Alien” as Sarah Sprolo and “In case of Emergency” as Jasmine.

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In 2019, she landed a major role in the film “Feral” playing the Yazmine character and the character Dom in the film “Dom”. In 2020, also been a good year in her acting job, playing a role in films like “Doppelbänger” as Cecilia, “Coup” as Lena Remnick, “Give or Take” as Lauren and “A Case of Blue” as Amelia.

Also featuring in “The lovers” as Andy in 2021 and also making a starred guest in the TV series “The Blacklist” appearing as Odette back in 2016.

Annapurna also worked as a screenwriter in “The Lost Flowers” and also played the character Paula and as a producer in “Girl Friends”.

Annapurna’s Relationship

Having someone to spend some nice and quiet time with is a thing of beauty but that can’t be said about Annapurna’s personal life because there isn’t much information about her dating life, thus leaving others to wonder about her relationship status.

It is not uncommon to have celebrities keep their significant others under thick wraps.

Image source: Fandom