Andrea Chaparro – What We Know About Her Career And Family

Andrea Chaparro

Andrea Chaparro is a Latin American actress born in Chihuahua, which is the capital city of the Chihuahua State in the NorthWest of Mexico, the city is known for its home to a mixture of colonial architecture.

Andrea Chaparro was born on January 16, 2002. She is 20 years old

Andrea Chaparro – Career

Andrea Chaparro’s acting career recently just got started, making her debut in the film “The House of Flowers” in 2021, “The House of Flowers” is a Mexican comedy-drama film about a family who tries to find evidence in their old family house in order to proof against a murder case, in the film she got to play the character Inés. The film was premiered on Netflix on June 23, 2021, and was directed by Manolo Caro.

Later that year, Andrea Chaparro made an appearance for two episodes of the series “No fue mi culpa: México”, about the complex story behind gender violence, from the perspective of real tales of different ages, contexts, and social classes women.

Andrea Chaparro was also among the cast of the Netflix released television show “Rebelde” a Spanish-language Mexican teen drama television series, which was based on the telenovela “Rebelde Way” which was created by Cris Morena. The series was released in the early month of 2022. In the series, she got to play the character María José Sevilla (M.J).

Apart from acting, Andrea Chaparro is also a singer. Composing the theme songs like “Lo Siento” and “So una Vez” for the series Rebelde.

Like father, like daughter

Andrea was born to one of the famed Mexican actors Omar Chaparro. He was born Omar Rafael Chaparro Alvidrez, on November 26, 1974 in Chihuahua, Mexico, the same place where he birthed the daughter who has now taken after his footsteps.

Omar Chaparro is well known for his roles in movies such as, “Detective Pikashu” (2018) as Sebastian, “La Boda de Valentina” as Ángel, “How to Be a Latin Lover” as Rafa, “Right to Love” and “Superfast”.

Also, he has been to lend his voice for some of the voice roles, one of the famous being the Spanish voice role of “Po” in the animation “Kung Fu Panda”.

Andrea Chaparro had two other siblings who were born to the same parents. Since Omar Chaparro got married to his wife Lucia Ruiz de la Peña back in 2001, they have had three kids, Andrea Chaparro, Omar Emiliano Chaparro, and Sofia Chaparro, although the date of birth of the two others is still unknown.

Image source: Paris Beacon News