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Amber Rose Revah

Amber Rose Revah is the actress who played the role of Saddam Hussein’s daughter on TV. Some nerve, you say. Well, what else do you know about the actress? She began her career in 2007 in England. Now she has credits in two continents and countless of them. Here are all the things you need to know about the star.

How old is Amber Rose Revah?

Amber Rose Revah is 33 years old. She was born 24 June 1986. Her father Benjamin Z. Revah and mother Riane Hewitt divorced when Amber was a little girl and she admitted that her mother largely raised her. Her parents have three kids in all. Amber’s brother is a ski coach in Switzerland. Her sister works in Gosh (not the Gosh from “oh my gosh” but the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the biggest centers for heart transplants on earth).

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Amber rose attended Brunel University where she studied contemporary performance. And it seems more actors in the UK take some form of art education more serious than actors in the United States whom it seems just wake up and travel to Hollywood.


Amber Rose Revah is an actor of color. She has the blood of cultures in three continents flowing in her veins. Her grandfather from her father’s side has Indian and Kenyan ancestries. Her mother is Jewish. Her mother’s parents face Nazi persecution in their native Poland during World War 2. In fact, they came to the United Kingdom as refugees. Tapping from his inner enterprising Hebrew spirit, Revah’s grandpa ended up setting a successful business in his adopted country.

Looking at Ms. Revah, she can pass for the character of a handful of ethnic groups. She can pass for a Middle Eastern like she did in “House of Saddam”; she can pass for a Latino; she can pass for an Indian (she was part of the cast for the Indian film “Aazaan” released in 2011. And she can also comfortably play the role of a regular brunette.

To put it in one phrase, Amber Rose Revah is an Indian-Polish Briton.

Amber Rose Revah – career

Amber Rose Revah began her acting career in the “The World Unseen”, the British historical film set in the early days of Apartheid in South Africa. The story chronicles the life of two Indian women who fell in love with each other in a racist, homophobic and misogynist society. They are colored, they are women, and also gay. Enough pyre for fireworks. This was in 2007.

In 2008, Amber made her TV debut. She featured in what can be said to be her best moments on set. She played the role of Hala Hussein, in the miniseries drama that profiled the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein and aired on BBC Two. She played the role of Mary Magdalene, an associate of Jesus of Nazareth, in the British drama “The Bible” in 2013. She was also in “Indian Summer”, the American-British drama on Channel 4. Amber played the role of an Indian for 14 episodes.

Revah has since made a couple of appearances in Hollywood. She was part of the main cast of Netflix’s “The Punisher” where she played the role of Agent Dinah Madani, an Iranian American. And NBC’s “Emerald City”.

Relationship and other facts

Amber Rose Revah is dating Neet Mohan whom she is engaged to marry. The two met on the set of “Everywhere and Nowhere”, a low-budget 2011 movie about identity of a Pakistani-Briton in multicultural London. Revah acted as Mohan’s sister in the movie and the two had incestuous encounters. This, they admitted, was a major issue as the two couldn’t find the other attractive in that kind of way. But they remained friends.

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Time passed, their friendship grew until it became a relationship that has since January 2019 became an engagement. The two might be married now for all we know. Not one preposition you should bet on. Because, answering questions as to why the two haven’t formalized their union, the London-born star “Our schedules are all over the place. Obviously, we need to be in the same country at the same time for it to happen.”

Amber Rose Revah’s income is not in the public domain but sources online put it at one million dollars. The actress is 1.65 meters or 5 feet 4 inches tall.

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