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Amanda Bearse

Amanda Bearse loves the feeling of delivering lines. It doesn’t matter if she is facing the camera or behind the camera. She is an actress, a comedian, and a director. She is just a movie person. How much of her do you know – both on and off the set? Here are six facts about the Anger Management star you need to know.

1. Amanda Bearse was born in Winter

Amanda Bearse was born on August 9, 1958, in Winter Park Florida. She is currently 61 years old. Information about her parents and siblings are not public information. The actress was partly raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she and Rollins College which she left in 1976.

Amanda studied in Birmingham Southern College and Young Harris College, where she received an associate of arts degree. Her education pursuit did not end at Young Harris College, Amanda went on to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City under the legendary late acting teacher Sanford Meisner or (Sandy as he was called).

2. She made her debut in “All My Children”

Amanda made her professional acting debut in 1982 when she appeared on ABC sitcom “All my Children”. She appeared in the comedy-film “Protocol” in 1984 and the following year, she appeared in the horror film “Fright Night” as Amy Peterson.

Amanda landed her breakout role in the Fox television sitcom “Married…with Children” as Marcy Rhoades. The series was a huge success on Fox and Amanda’s talent was affirmed. She appeared went on to appear Cathy as in the 1988 fantasy film “Goddess of Love”.

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Amanda Bearse portrayed the character of Marcy D’Arcy on ABC television sitcom “The Earth Day Special”. She also played the character of Barmaid in the comedy thriller film “The Doom Generation” in 1995. With each role, Amanda solidified her place in Hollywood. Her last acting credit came in 2013 when she appeared as Rita on FX television sitcom “Anger Management”.

Why did she stop acting when most of her peers are still in the game? I chose to stop acting because I wanted to direct and I had to show people that I was serious. I’d like to get back in front of the camera eventually, but only if I can play something a little bit different.” She says getting back into acting is still feasible only if her character role would be different. We wait.

3. Amanda Bearse is one of the first openly gay actors in Hollywood

There are closet homosexuals in Hollywood who are probably afraid of the judgment of coming forward or who feel their sexuality is their private business. And there are people like Amanda who are not open about their sexuality. In a magazine interview in 1993, Amanda openly revealed her sexuality. 1993 was a difficult time to be gay and open but Amanda Bearse wanted to be open and she was.

It wasn’t just coming out of the closet for the sake of coming out as she has remained a rock for LGBT rights. She also served as an Ambassador for the Federation of Gay Games prior to the seventh quadrennial Gay Games held in Chicago in 2006.

4. Amanda Bearse is also a film director

Amanda studied directing at both the American Film Institute and the University of Southern California. She went on to command an impressive wealth of experience in filmmaking. For instance, she directed more than 30 episodes of the Fox sitcom “Married…With Children”.

Amanda also directed “The Sperm Donor” in 2005. She partnered with Rosie O’Donnell in 2006 to direct “The Big Gay Sketch Show”, which debuted on Logo in April 2007. She also directed some episodes of “Reba”, “Mad TV”, “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher”, “Malcolm & Eddie”. And a host of others.

5. She is married to Carrie Schenken

Amanda Bearse married Carrie Schenken in 2010. The wedding was attended by some of the “Married…with Children” cast. Amanda’s partner, Carrie was born on the 24th April 1958, in Florida USA, and is a camera technician. She was born in the same year as Amanda.

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Before marrying Carrie, Amanda was known to have been in a relationship with actress Sandra Bernhard in 1993 and was also linked to a woman named Amy. She adopted a daughter named Zoe earlier in her career and reports say she and Carrie adopted another child.

6. She has a net worth of 16 million dollars

Directors might not get noticed like the actors playing the roles on TV, but their account balances are usually fat, sometimes fatter than those of actors. So when you combine acting and directing, you just cannot be broke. Amanda Bearse has a net worth of 16 million dollars.

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