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Alyssa Arce is a model and lifestyle icon with just enough TV appearances to pass for an actress, but there are a lot more that she does. There are a lot of news items on her, far more than should be for a career of her standing. Because you asked, here are the most important facts about the star you need to know.

Alyssa Arce is half-Honduran

Alyssa Arce was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her mother is white while her father is Honduran, a fact she is proud of, with her Twitter having declared, “born and raised southern with Latin blood.” Alyssa grew up in Myrtle Beach, California which is sometimes put as her place of birth. IMDb, for instance, insists she was born in California. This is unlikely as the actress declared she was born and raised southern. Southern, one thing you can never call California.

Ms. Arce studied at North Myrtle Beach High School, graduating in 2010. While in school, she was the cheerleader. This might have been where her desire to become a professional model first gained root and she did some modeling gigs even while in school.

After High School, she moved to Miami to pursue her modeling goals. And she is that kind of model who is not shy about her body and who is quick enough to unbutton dress and unhook bras.

Alyssa Arce was born on February 27, 1992. She is now 28 and as sizzling as ever.

Alyssa Arce was romantically involved with Justin Bieber

One billion teenage girls would have given anything to be in Alyssa Arce’s shoes in the yacht with the pop star. It was the year 2014 off the shore in Ibiza, Spain. Arce was spotted schmoozing and kissing Justin Bieber. At that time, he was involved with Selena Gomez. Alyssa left the next morning and was never heard of. This started uproars on the internet.

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There was a section of the internet that tried to make it look like Bieber was seduced by the model. We disagree. He was a grown-ass man and must take responsibility for his actions, even though he might have taken the action of the back of a moment of drunkenness.

Some, still, claimed that Alyssa pulled this off to slight Selena Gomez. Alyssa was born in South Carolina, Gomez was born in Texas. It is not even certain that the two have ever met. Alyssa probably saw an opening in a man she has an intense crush on and she stooped to conquer. And even if she pulled this off to annoy Gomez, it would have been a good thing as Selena didn’t end up well with Bieber, with her people claiming she was never really into the relationship and finally had to choose her happiness over the relationship.

Is it even right to say that Alyssa was romantically involved with Bieber? Yes. If I ever had a night with my crush, I will go as far as to forever consider her my ex-wife (I hope the editor doesn’t delete this). Editor’s note: This is the last time you will ever write about such gorgeousness. Owner’s note: What the hell is going on here!

Alyssa Arce is 5′ 8″ tall

You probably know she is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall. Some publications put her height at 5 inches 9 but we are sure this is not what you care about. You just want to get a feel of her body (stats). Well, here is what we have. She weighs 53 kg or 117 lbs. Some blogs put her weight at 57. This is perfectly normal for weights to fluctuate.

Her feet size is 7.5 and her bra size is a massive 34D (and it is purely natural, not a dot of plastic – unlike someone we know). And no she has no tattoos. If she does, we know where it will be. Her breast is 33 inches full, her waist is 25 inches in circumference while her hip-butt area is 33 inches, giving her a 33-25-33 body shape or 86-64-86 cm.

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One of Alyssa’s quote is “I love the freedom and independence of driving. Actually, the truth is I’m a speed demon.” Take this quote in relation to what we have been talking about. Now dream.

Career and net worth

Alyssa Arce has modeled for dozens of lines under the Ford and Wilhemina modeling agencies. And she has appeared in popular magazines including featuring on Playboy Magazine as Playmate of the month sometime in 2013. Sometimes, her nude shoots somehow leak and go viral online. And that stunt with Justin Bieber must have added to her worth.

Arce has had TV show appearances for Playboy Plus. Some of her episodes include “Alyssa Arce is hot and free” and “Alyssa is intense”. We always knew.

On the cash side, she is worth more than one million dollars and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.

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