Alison Lohman: Seven Quick Facts

Alison Lohman

Blonde hair, baby-faced, sexy eyes and more than a score of screen credits, Alison Lohman is the Big Fish star in your radar. Here are seven quick facts you need to know.

Alison Lohman was born in 1979

I believe you wouldn’t have guessed that Alison is forty years old looking at her baby face. Well, the truth is that she is not yet forty. She was born Alison Marion Lohman on September 18, 1979. She was born to a Jewish family in Palm Springs, California. She began her career before the age of 10 performing in musicals in the local Palm Desert’s McCallum Theater and winning awards for this.

Surprisingly, while in High School, she excelled in every given subject except drama which she barely passed as she was extremely shy. She went on to get a full scholarship for college. She declined. Acting was her calling and she chose to pursue it instead.

Alison Lohman made her debut in 1998

Alison Lohman moved to Los Angeles where she featured in a series of B-movies, children films and small bits in TV series. Her breakthrough came in 2002 when she appeared in “White Oleander”, a novel adaptation which bombed in the box office. Lohman’s acting was praised and that was a door-opener for her.

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Alison appeared in the black comedy film “Matchstick Men” (2003), “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” (2005) and “Flicka” (2006). Among other movies. Then she appeared in “Drag Me to Hell” in 2009 and became a star.

Alison Lohman was in Drag Me to Hell

Alison Lohman played the role of Christine Brown in the supernatural horror film “Drag Me to Hell”. Her role as the lead character who was tormented by evil forces and who fought to make sense of the whole situation.

Alison’s performance was praised by colleagues, crew and critics alike. Her co-star Judith Long is on record saying, “I’ve never seen an actress work so hard” going on to say Alison was dragged to hell while making the film. Made with a budget of 30 million dollars, the film made 90 million in the box office. Not a stunning sum but good enough.

Alison got three nominations. MTV Movie Awards, Detroit Film Critic Society Award, and Saturn Award fell over one another to nominate her. She didn’t win any of these awards but the fact that she was nominated in a handful tells as much.

Lohman is married to a filmmaker

Alison is married. As most of them do, she is married to a filmmaker. She got married to Mark Neveldine in 2009 in his birth state of New York. The wedding took place in a Catholic Church. Neveldine is a movie maker. We have said that before. To elaborate, he is a scriptwriter, producer, and director. His best-known work is directing “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” in 2011.

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He has also executively produced a handful of movies.

One thing that we appreciate most about this couple is that they know what they want. They met, dated for a few months and are now married for one full decade.

She is a mother of two

Lohman and Neveldine’s marriage is blessed with two kids, the first one was born in 2010 in Romania in while the husband was making “Ghost Rider”.

The actress is worth a lot

Alison Lohman is worth 500 million dollars. This is a lot of money but Alison Lohman is not Jay-Z so this is not her real net worth. We said that because we needed your attention. 500 million is not the only lot of money there is. 50 million dollars is a lot of money. That is not Alison’s net worth. She is worth five million which is still a lot of money.

When you consider that Lohman has only actually less than a dozen movies which really made it to the top of the earning ladder, then you will appreciate her saving or investing power. You may even choose to doubt this figure.

Alison Lohman is 5 feet 2inches tall

Alison is not exactly a giant. She is 1.576m tall which is not so bad if you have a nice figure to go with it. With 26 inches waist, breast size of 33 C and hip size of 32 inches. She weighs a cool 54 kg (or 119 pounds).

Nicknamed Al, her shoe size is 6.5 while her dress size is 2.

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