Alexis Knapp: Facts, Career and Baby Daddy

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Alexis Knapp was born Alexis Merizalde Knapp on July 31, 1989, in Avonmore, Pennsylvania. Before venturing into acting, Knapp was a video game host and a model. Here are the facts about the star you probably know as Stacie Conrad Pitch Perfect and Alexis in the movie Project X.

Alexis Knapp Career: From Grass to Near Grace

Knapp rose from being the random girl who grew up in Outer Banks in North Carolina to becoming a star, reaching just outside the threshold of the very top. The Pitch Perfect series is the project that most symbolizes her career trajectory. In the film loosely adapted from Mickey Rapkin’s non-fiction book, titled Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory and directed by Jason Moore, Alexis Knapp played a major character of Stacie Conrad, the sex-crazed member of the Barden Bellas acapella group. The film made 115 million dollars in the box office.

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The sequel Perfect Pitch 2 was a bigger hit, surpassing the original earning in a matter of days before going on to make 287 million dollars and becoming the highest earning music comedy film of all-time, doubling the earnings of School of Rock the last movie to hold the title. Knapp had a reduced role in this movie. In the second sequel, Knapp’s appearance was a little more than cameos, completing the circle of near rise, climax, and fall.

Knapp was among the cast of ABC’s series Super Fun Night; the series was short-lived. She was a member of the pilot cast of Cinnamon Girl; the act wasn’t picked up by any network.

Knapp’s Baby Daddy

Knapp dated actor, writer and producer Ryan Phillip. He was married to Reese Witherspoon between 1999 and 2007, a union that produced a son and a daughter. In 2010, Ryan met Knapp and despite the 15 years difference between them, they fell in love and dated. Perhaps the age difference later showed its ugly head as the two separated before the New Year.

It was after the breakup that the lady discovered she was pregnant. She decided to keep the baby and little Alexis was born in 2011. And no, Knapp didn’t just jump into the wagon and accept the baby as his. He requested a paternity test “Ryan’s not doing or saying anything publicly until there’s a paternity test that proves he’s the father,” says a source close to the actor—probably the actor himself. The result obviously showed him to be the father because Ryan followed Knapp to the delivery room.

Growing Up: A Tom-Boy

Take a closer look at Alexis Knapp, she is a beauty, stunning even and exuding sexiness, a hot lady. It hasn’t always been this way as Alexis with her German, English, Scottish, Irish ancestry grew up a tom-boy. Many celebrities claim to be tom-boys growing up and more than half of them have no way to show proofs. Alexis Knapp has proofs, there are little buckets were she fed snakes growing up and she has “never been beaten in a belching competition” before. Does it take a tiny pink cock to belch? We reckon so.

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