Adele Yoshioka- How Old, Family, Movies, What She Does Now

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Adele Yoshioka

Adele Yoshioka is an actress who rose to fame after her role in an American action movie, titled Magnum Force (1973) as Sunny, where she was the love interest of Clint Eastwood (who played the role of Inspector Harry Callahan), her performance was so brilliant that she won the hearts of so many people, and became a well-known personality in the movie industry. Here is all you need to know about her life and career.


Adele Yoshioka was born on the 30th day of November in 1946, in the city of San Diego, California, United States. She will be 75 years old by November 30, 2021, and her star sign is Sagittarius.


Adele Yoshioka’s family members are unknown. There are no records available to that effect. No mention of her parents, siblings, or other relatives. This does not necessarily mean that she has no family members, but it is left out because she doesn’t want to get them mixed up in her career.


Adele Yoshioka is an American actress whose acting career kick-started in the late 60s. She has featured in so many movies and is popular for her role as a Kohm servant in Star Trek: The Original Series Second Season, episode “Omega Glory” in the year 1968.

She appeared in these movies; “Sweet Charity” (1969) a music comedy, where she acted alongside Jimmy Fields, Buddy Joe Hooker, and John Wheeler, “Swashbuckler (1976)” as the street entertainer, she was a nurse in “The Perfect Bride” (1991), “The Nurse (1997)” which is a horror thriller as the nurse, “Wicked Ways” (1999)”, “Kung Fu: The Movie (1986), “A Table for One” (1999) as a lab assistant, “Gaily, Gaily” (1969), a comedy, as Suzuki, “Night Court” (1984) as miss Japan, “Anna and the King” (1972) as Betri, “The Return Of Charlie Chan” (1973) as Mai-Ling Chan, as an oriental girl in “The Magician” (1974), Distant Cousin (1993) as the cashier, and “The Paper Chase” (1978) as the 4th reporter.

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Her most memorable work is Magnum Force (1973), which earned her fame, a movie produced by Robert Daley, and directed by Ted Post.

The movie is about a cop who decided to take the law into his hands by killing criminals that evade justice and are free to roam the streets like every other person. He goes on this killing mission on a motorcycle. Another cop and his partner, who were removed from their duty posts as homicide agents and moved to Stakeout duties, decided to investigate the murders. In the course of doing that, they realized the person behind the killings is a cop.

To be sure, who it was, Inspector Harry (Clint Eastwood) decided to take the gun of the cop he suspects, he added a bullet and shot it into the wall. Later, he got it out to forensics and it matched the ones gotten from the other crime scenes. It was a .357 magnum. Little did he know that there was more to it than meets the eye. It was deeper than he ever imagined.


Adele Yoshioka is no longer in the business of acting, she is currently the executive vice president of international distribution for Nu Image/ Millennium Works.

It is the company that co-produced blockbusters like; Playing for Keeps(2012), Lovelace (2013), The Expendables 1-3 (2010-2014) which had stars like Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, the action trilogy; Olympus has Fallen (2013), London has Fallen (2016), and Angel has Fallen (2019), which the lead character was played by the renowned Gerard Butler, and the Outpost (2020).

She is doing well for herself and has also held other executive positions with Behaviour Worldwide, CineTel Films, Image Organization, and World International Network.


Adele Yoshioka was quite a lovely woman during her youthful days, and she has aged quite well. She has brown eyes, her hair color is black, and she is 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 cm approx).

Besides being an actress, Adele Yoshioka is also a choreographer who has worked on various television special projects such as; Donny and Marie (1979), The Magic Of David Copperfield VII: Familiares (1985), and The Carpenters: A Christmas Potrait (1985.) Her exact networth is not known, but it has been estimated to be around the sum of $19 Million.