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Adam Celorier

People who Google Adam Celorier also ask about his marriage. Not the usual is he married. No, they are more specific: who is he married to? This is what we intend to do here, answer all the questions you and people with inquisitive fingers ask about him.

Here is everything we know about the actor, model, and Hollywood member of the crew.

How old is Adam Celorier?

Adam Celorier was born in August 1979 in Framingham, Massachusetts. He must have suspected his future career path for he attended a Technical school. He has a bachelor’s degree from New England Technical Institute, New Britain, Connecticut.

Adam Celorier is 42 years old.

Who is Adam Celorier married to?

Adam Celorier is married to Jessica Marie Garcia, the actress from Orlando, Florida who made her debut in 2010 but became a mainstream hit when she plated Rhonda Navarro in the blockbuster on ABC “How to Get Away with Murder”. She cemented her success in Hollywood by playing Jasmine Fores on “On My Block” a Netflix series between 2018 and 2021.

Jessica is a strong woman who once shed 70 pounds in order to stop herself from becoming diabetic.

Adam and Jessica engaged in January 2016. They have known each other since 2008.

Adam and Jessica wedded in October 2018.

Meet Adam Celorier, Husband of Jessica Marie As She is Going Be A Mom Soon  - TheRecentTimes

In late 2021, she announced that she was expecting twins. On Instagram. “I’m going to be a mommy!!” The babies are expected in February 2022.

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“Feels so good to finally tell the world our beautiful little secret,” she later said to People.

What movies was he in?

Adam is a model and actor. We are aware of one acting credit which is an episodic appearance in “My Half Brother” a comedy TV series in 2015.

In his couple of other credits, he was in the art department (five), the art director (one). in the camera and electrical department, and an additional crew member.

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